Digital Trust & Safety Suite

Embrace a new approach to grow revenue without risk

Prevent all types of online fraud and abuse with a single integrated solution.

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Every customer interaction, protected by Sift

Stop losses

Proactively block fraudsters with unparalleled accuracy that comes from machine learning.

Streamline operations

Reduce manual review, automate actions, and get more insight into your business.

Expand business

Know your trusted users and accept more orders with confidence and without friction.

Comprehensive capabilities

Everything your team needs to secure user accounts and work more efficiently.

Holistic protection

Our network of quick and easy integrations enable you to safeguard all user interactions and optimize for growth.

Sift Engine

Stay ahead of emerging trends with access to the shared learnings from over 70B+ events per month across our global network of customers.

Console and Workflows

Our user-friendly Console enables deep-dive investigation and easily automates dynamic user experiences based on risk.

Expert consultation

Receive a tailored Digital Trust & Safety assessment and access a dedicated solutions team to enhance your in-house initiatives.

Sift Products

Included with all Sift products

  • Machine learning with custom models and real-time scoring based on 16K+ signals
  • Global network of 34,000+ sites and apps
  • Intuitive console for analysts, with Review Queues and automated Workflows
  • Dashboards and analytics to report on key fraud metrics
  • Technical customer support
  • Dashboards and Analytics

    All customers get access to platform tools that provide critical insights, allow for automation, and streamline their team's efficiency.

  • World Class Support

    From integration planning to onboarding and execution, Sift provides the support you need to get up and running quickly.

  • Trust & Safety Experts

    Customers gain access to insights from Trust and Safety Architects with extensive experience fighting fraud at some of the world's biggest brands.