Maximize Revenue Opportunities Under PSD2

PSD2 makes online payments more secure, but presents new challenges that require finding the right balance between compliance and conversion. Sift’s PSD2 solution helps merchants minimize disruption to their business and ensure frictionless experiences when possible.


Early Fraud Detection

Sift’s AI-powered ML models assesses the risk of every interaction, so you can stop fraud before payments are even made.

Dynamic Friction

Guide transactions to the right authentication experience based on their risk and if they’re in scope of PSD2.

Increase Exemptions

Eliminate excessive friction and maximize exemptions to ensure delightful experiences and high acceptance rates.

Stop Fraud in Real Time and at Scale

Sift combines learnings from our global network with a unique model customized to your business to analyze the risk of every user interaction. Keep your fraud rate as low as possible by stopping suspicious activity before authentication.

Apply the Right SCA at the Right Time

With Sift, you can apply Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) when it’s needed and remove it when it’s not with our built-in routing capabilities. Direct transactions to the best experience based on whether they’re in scope of PSD2 or if an exemption applies.

Accept More Orders and Boost Conversion Rates

Sift’s accuracy ensures your legitimate orders go through without friction. Leverage our transaction risk analysis to maintain low fraud rates, and request more low-risk exemptions up to higher exemption thresholds. Stay compliant and keep conversion high.

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