Deep Data. Uncompromising Control.

Do more with data than ever imagined. The Sift Platform utilizes a rich and tenured global data network with accessible and impactful decisioning tools.


Unprecedented user insights are combined with advanced automation capabilities along with access to a community of fraud experts that helps pinpoint new opportunities of growth at each step of the customer journey.


Multiple solutions. One platform. Countless opportunities to grow fearlessly.


Benefits by the numbers


Annual events

Do more with more data. Our global network of over 1 trillion data signals represents over 34k sites and apps feeding by-the-second risk insights to our AI-fueled models.

Authentic digital citizens

Increase accuracy through identity-level insights. Our network has recognized over a billion unique digital personas to strengthen our scoring and build winning workflows.

Average annual revenue increase

Realize results that matter. Sift customers have enjoyed faster review times, higher conversion rates, and valuable decision accuracy, all leading to measurable ROI for their business.

One Platform with rules and All

Recognized as a leader in digital fraud management by Forrester, Sift's patented approach combines critical components of modern fraud prevention into one holistic, AI-powered platform.

Science & Data at Our Core

Sift’s strength lies at the intersection of deep data, real-time risk scores, and identity graph insights to make up a comprehensive fraud intelligence network. Assessing interconnected risks across industries and continents continuously fuels and refines our Global Data Network as well as our AI/ML models.

Science & Data at Our Core

Revolutionary Rules & Actionable Insights

Case Management & Reporting

Outcomes You Care About

Customer Community

Secure Every Step with Packaged Products

Streamline safe interactions while limiting risk with Sift's line of established products.


Payment Protection

Detect and prevent fraudulent transactions and manage organizational risk, all in one place.

Content Integrity

Protect brand loyalty and grow consumer trust by sniffing out spam and scams at their source.

Account Defense

Stop sophisticated ATO attacks before they happen, building consumer trust and managing fraud at scale.

Dispute Management

Mitigate chargeback losses and protect more revenue, a streamlined dispute process allows teams to prioritize high value chargebacks and build winning responses.


An AI-Powered Platform Brimming with Continuous Innovations

Harness the power of a platform that prioritizes constant evolution. Sift’s fraud expertise is #everbetter as we continue to sharpen our solutions and services.

Latest Product & Feature Releases

Stay up-to-date while we continue to innovate.


Balance regulatory compliance and revenue conversion.

Leading Solutions, a Pioneering Source

Open a door to a revolutionary resource of Fraud Industry Benchmarks—FIBR, powered by Sift.

Latest Patents

With 40+ patents and counting sift continues to match up against evolving fraud.

Our Partner Ecosystem: Sift-Approved Solutions — at Your Service

Time-to-value. Decision accuracy. Manual review. Amplify every aspect of your risk-revenue journey through a robust partner ecosystem.

Partner Ecosystem

Fine Tune Your Tech Stack

More revenue and stronger results happen when solutions speak the same language. Our hand-picked orchestration partners are specially selected to align with exactly what you need, and nothing that you don’t.

Our customers have a clear need for a solution that allows them to scale their risk decisioning efforts, and they naturally seek our counsel on the best path forward. Working with Sift has been a fluid and straightforward process.”Gabriel Le RouxCMO at Primer

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