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Digital-First Buying Behavior Blazes Ahead

Industries scaling rapidly are leaning hard into digital-first buying experiences. From accepting alternative payments and e-wallets to offering entire online shopping ecosystems, digital-first is how traditional brick-and-mortar companies are accelerating growth.


Of purchases will be done online by 2040

Source: Fundera

Of consumers use multiple channels to shop

Source: Fundera

Transform Digital Experiences into Fearless Growth

Trusted users get streamlined speed and convenience
Use ML-based automation to fast-track trusted users.

Stay one step ahead of fraud trends
Leverage a global data network to stop emerging fraud trends before they impact your business.

Prevent fraud during volume peaks
Ensure that your team can handle periods of high interaction volumes with on-demand scale.


Secure and scale Digital Experiences


Average chargeback rate


Average manual review rate


Average fraud block rate

Track Trends in Trust, Risk, and Revenue

With Sift, Harry’s was able to protect their entire digital buying experience from promo, payment, account abuse, and friendly fraud. This enabled Harry’s to drive online growth and significantly reduce revenue leakage.


When we started using Sift, Harry’s chargeback rate decreased by about 85%, which is great because it helps us continue to be a company that people can trust shopping with.”

Kaity Reagle

Trust and Safety Senior Associate at Harry’s

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Tap into Trend Insights and First-of-its-Kind Fraud

Sift’s global data network enables businesses to stay two steps ahead of hidden and emerging fraud trends.


Reduction in manual reviews

Sift’s ML-driven automation significantly reduces the need for manual reviews.

Lower block rates

Fuel higher conversion rates with seamless experiences for trusted consumers.

Lower dispute rates

Prevent revenue leakage by stopping malicious chargeback activity at the source.

Accelerate Omnichannel Offerings

Successful omnichannel experiences hinge on maximizing convenience at every step of the consumer journey. Create dynamic experiences with user-level, AI-driven insights and guided case resolutions that cut risk and open the door to growth.

E-Commerce Scales with Sift


Defend Against Diversified Attacks

Fight fraud at every touchpoint with Sift’s AI-led technology and identity-level insights from our network of 1T global signals.

Account Creation

Stop fraudsters before they get the chance to activate accounts.

Account Takeover

Lock down loyal customers’ accounts and assets, and prevent valuable PII from being hijacked.

Payment Fraud

Cover key risk points and payment types no matter how fast or how far you scale.

Chargeback Fraud

Suffering from friendly fraud? Automatically challenge unjust chargebacks with AI-led insights.


Digital Risk Assessment

Ready to grow without fear? Improve fraud operations, cut losses, and drive growth with a free, 1:1 risk assessment for your business.

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