Fueled by intelligent automation at every touchpoint

Your single solution for complete, flexible, and easy fraud prevention.

Block fraudsters in real time with intelligent automation

Proactive and actionable

Stop spammers and scammers from infiltrating your site or posting content. Sift’s intuitive Console makes it simple to understand, automate, and proactively take action against fraud using insights from a diverse global data network.

Comprehensive and clear

Assess risk across the user journey without introducing unnecessary friction. Make smarter, faster decisions based on comprehensive, real-time ML models that adjust as markets, consumer behaviors, and trends change.

Fast and flexible

Fine-tune automation, connect data sources, and measure results without relying on engineering. Confidently deploy new configurations and logic as business needs evolve, and fuel growth through operational efficiency.

See how Sift Content Integrity works


Snuff out spam and scams at the source

Reduce manual review with automated decisioning, and give analysts the bandwidth to focus on complex cases. Easy-to-build Workflows help you identify fraudulent users faster, with Queues that serve up new cases automatically.


Content Integrity resources and customer stories


Stop fraud, break down data silos, and lower friction with Sift.

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