New Growth Frontiers = A Feeding Frenzy for Fraudsters

Managing and moving money is easier and faster than ever. New fintechs—like neobanks, remittances, crypto exchanges, and PSPs—are competing and winning on user experience. But fraudsters are innovating just as fast.

Heritage AI, Human Expertise

Scaling account takeover attacks with automation is a favorite method for fraudsters after access to stored value and data. Fight fire with fire using Sift’s AI-led models and legacy of in-house expertise.

Save Friction for Fraudsters

Innovate into new spaces with secure, winning user experiences that shift growth into overdrive by applying friction only when it’s needed.

Smarter Moves to Protect Money in Motion

Secure Every Transaction from Start to Finish
Neobanks, cryptocurrency exchanges, NFT marketplaces, and digital wallets are the new ATMs for fraudsters. Stop unauthorized deposits, transfers, and withdrawals in real time.

Defend User Accounts with Identity-Level Data
Crush fake accounts before they’re created and protect existing users from account takeover attacks.

Win with a Singular, Streamlined User Experience
Confidently place trust in transactions and users, and keep trust and safety teams free to focus on optimizing how customers connect with your business.


What Winning Looks Like


Fraud attack rate for Sift’s neo & challenger bank customers


Manual review rate for Sift’s cryptocurrency customers


Chargeback rate for Sift’s remittance customers

Fearlessly Break in to New Markets Place

TapTap Send is a remittance service primarily in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Sift’s high precision helped them expand into North America while reducing chargebacks to 0.01%.


Sift is reliable to the point where we have chargebacks well below our target threshold.”

Joe Lawrance

Director of Operations at Taptap Send


The Proof is in the Impact


Defend Against Diversified Attacks

Fight fraud at every touchpoint with Sift’s AI-led technology and identity-level insights from our network of 1T global signals.

Account Creation

Stop fraudsters before they get the chance to activate accounts.

Account Takeover

Lock down loyal customers’ accounts and assets, and prevent valuable PII from being hijacked.

Payment Fraud

The Sift Platform is there when card-not-present fraud threatens your commerce ecosystem. Cover key risk points and payment types no matter how fast or how far you scale.

Chargeback Fraud

Suffering from friendly fraud? Automatically challenge unjust chargebacks with AI-led insights.


Digital Risk Assessment

Ready to grow without fear? Improve fraud operations, cut losses, and drive growth with a free, 1:1 risk assessment for your business.

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