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The road to success is unique for every business. Optimize the risk-reward equation through Sift, no matter where you start your journey or scale into the future.

Master Meaningful Results

Explore solutions that deliver the outcomes you care about.

Experts in Your Corner

An established community of on-hand industry expertise

Certainty at Scale

Inherit over a decade of fine-tuned risk intelligence

Pioneering New Solutions

Open a door to a revolutionary resource of Fraud Industry Benchmarks: FIBR, powered by Sift.

Serving Industry Leaders and Market Movers

Digital risk is nothing new to Sift. We've supported a diverse network of leading businesses in nearly every industry, and at every scale.

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Digital Goods & Services

Travel & Transportation

Food & Delivery



Sift helps top fintech companies accelerate growth despite increasing fraud activity. Secure every transaction, stop fake signups, and improve engagement.

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Sift helped Uphold lower fraud rates to 0.01% and increase new user acceptance rates.

Taptap Send

Taptap Send transfers funds instantly and securely across with globe with Sift.

Where AI Meets IP

With 40+ patents and counting, we've diligently documented our matchup against digital fraud, building an ongoing source of trust for every business in our network.


Proven Science, on the Record

Our Workflows capability allows fraud and risk teams to automate and manage their business fraud logic within the Sift Console. Along with WatchTower, an internal capability that detects anomalies in customer traffic and fraud decision patterns, businesses using Sift add AI-powered risk decisioning into every element of operations.


Proven Science, on the Record

Benefits & Stats of Sift's Tenured Science:

12+ Years

AI/ML model tuning

Connect and control the most-right data to fuel your workflows.
40+ Patents

In our innovation journey

Taken the time to ensure Sift’s technology is not just industry-proven, it’s also patent-protected.


You can’t do more with less. Our global network of over 1 trillion events per year represents over 34k sites and apps feeding by-the-second risk insights to our AI-fueled models.
Momentum Leader Spring 2024

Momentum Leader Spring 2024 | G2

Sift Named a Leader in the 2023 Forrester Wave for Digital Fraud Management

Enterprise Leader Spring 2024 | G2

Delivering Trust TOGETHER

Sift makes it simple and easy for partners to join forces and bring essential fraud-fighting and revenue-generating technology to customers.


Engage in the Sift Partner Portal

Access one single source for training, enablement, and certification, making it simple to onboard and pursue selling/referral opportunities.

Clarity & Control with AI-Powered Insights

Professional Services from Sift expands your expertise with custom strategies and configurations that reduce pressure on bandwidth and resources. Global and custom models deliver deep insights and accurate, automated Workflows.

Connect with Worldwide experts in the Sifters Community

Don’t fight fraud alone. Combine peer and product insights with our human network, a growing global knowledge base.

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