Why Sift

Massive data. Unmatched accuracy. Ever‑evolving expertise.

Sift customers gain a competitive edge through our commitment to breakthrough technology, global community, and long-term partnerships.

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The engine that powers Digital Trust & Safety

Proactively prevent fraud, streamline operations, and grow revenue with an integrated solution.   Learn more


Our intuitive Console puts you in control with powerful automation, case management, and real-time reporting — everything you need to strategize and execute in one place.

Machine learning models

Our ensemble of machine learning models provide the highest accuracy in the industry, so you can reduce fraud by 80% or more.

Global data network

With learnings from the 70B events we process every month, you’ll stay ahead of evolving trends and attack vectors — even those you’ve never seen on your site before.


Insights from fraud fighters across the world

Benefit from the shared knowledge of over 34,000 sites and apps using Sift.

Diverse data

Our customers fight fraud in multiple industries across the globe, contributing to our comprehensive and ever-expanding library of over 16,000 unique fraud signals to help you identify suspicious behavior and stop attacks before they happen.

Strength in numbers

By collecting and analyzing 5M global fraud decisions per month, our network surfaces key learnings to every Sift customer at every stage of every user interaction.

Learn from industry experts

Attend meetups like our Fraud Fighters Forums to hear experienced professionals share what they’re facing on the front lines of modern fraud – and how to get ahead of it.


Our customers come first

We partner with our customers every step of the way to build trusted, long-term relationships and ensure their unique needs are always met.

Tailored integrations

Get a custom solution for your business regardless of size or industry. Our technical team will make sure you get the most out of Sift.

Ever-evolving expertise

Our Trust & Safety Architects have decades of industry experience building and scaling global fraud and abuse teams. They’ll work with you to build a fraud-prevention model that’s ideal for your business.

Better together

We connect complementary partners and industry leaders to deliver the most robust end-to-end solutions for our customers.

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