Why Sift

1 trillion events. Unmatched accuracy. Ever‑evolving expertise.

Sift customers gain a competitive edge through our commitment to breakthrough technology, global community, and long-term partnerships.

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flatterly.

What providers like Kount say competitors can’t do is exactly what Sift’s complete Digital Trust & Safety Platform delivers.

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The Sift Digital Trust & Safety Platform

Solve today’s evolving fraud challenges and equip your team with the tools needed to address the scale, complexity, and pace of modern fraud.

  • Trust and safety ecosystem

    It takes a network to fight a network. The combined power of Sift’s cutting-edge technology, unmatched data, and growing Sifters customer community of trust and safety professionals keeps businesses ahead of the global Fraud Economy and the competition.

    Discover best practices, leverage industry templates, and track emerging fraud trends while cutting costs and accelerating growth.

  • Solutions

    Protect and grow your business with fraud solutions that secure each step of the customer journey.

    Easily integrate existing technology with partner features and our developer-friendly Sift Connect portal.

  • Automation and control

    Empower fraud teams with a three-pronged approach:

    • Global and custom models powered by real-time ML risk scores
    • Comprehensive investigation, testing, and reporting tools
    • Precision-focused automation—all in a low-to-no code application
  • Strength in numbers

    Tap into the most comprehensive fraud intelligence network to identify interconnected risk across industries and continents.

    Sift’s massive, diverse global data network fuels ML models entrusted to protect $325B in annual gross merchandise value worldwide.


Insights from fraud fighters across the world

Benefit from the shared knowledge of thousands of sites, apps, and fraud experts

Diverse data and end-to-end protection

Our ever-growing data library represents over one trillion (1T) annual global events and 5 million monthly fraud decisions analyzed. Sift delivers comprehensive, valuable insights to our customers with every user interaction.

Shared intelligence and real-time access to experts

Access platform and industry expertise whenever you need it in the Sifters Community for customers. Fraud professionals using Sift can share product tips, exchange information, and receive actionable guidance from internal experts.


Our customers come first

We partner with our customers every step of the way to build trusted, long-term relationships and ensure their unique needs are always met.

Tailored integrations

Get a custom solution for your business regardless of size or industry. Our technical team will make sure you get the most out of Sift.

Ever-evolving expertise

Our Trust & Safety Architects have decades of industry experience building and scaling global fraud and abuse teams. They’ll work with you to build a fraud-prevention model that’s ideal for your business.

Better together

We connect complementary partners and industry leaders to deliver the most robust end-to-end solutions for our customers.

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