Why Sift

1 trillion events. Unmatched accuracy. Ever‑evolving expertise.

Sift customers gain a competitive edge through our commitment to breakthrough technology, global community, and long-term partnerships.

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The Sift Digital Trust & Safety Platform

  • Sift solutions

    Address every painpoint across trust and safety operations, and proactively stop account takeover, payment fraud, content abuse, and chargebacks from stunting growth and costing revenue. Build efficiency into every layer of your fraud stack from a single, comprehensive platform.

  • Decision management

    Take immediate action on signals flagged by Sift’s decision engine to inform smarter, more strategic business decisions. Prioritize complex cases to lower manual review and streamline operations. Easily generate reports and dashboards that provide a complete view of business health.

  • Decision engine

    Sift’s industry-leading, patented decision engine harnesses global and tailored machine learning models, so you can automatically and proactively block fraud in real time. Connect multiple data sources and customize intelligent models to serve your unique needs using just a few clicks—no code required.

  • Global data network

    Sift’s global data network processes one trillion events per year representing over 34K sites and apps across every industry, every region, and every fraud vector. These shared insights are surfaced and analyzed in real time to improve fraud detection accuracy by 40%.


Insights from fraud fighters across the world

Benefit from the shared knowledge of thousands of sites, apps, and fraud experts

Diverse data and end-to-end protection

Our ever-growing data library represents over one trillion (1T) annual global events and 5 million monthly fraud decisions analyzed. Sift delivers comprehensive, valuable insights to our customers with every user interaction.

Shared intelligence and real-time access to experts

Access platform and industry expertise whenever you need it in the Sifters Community for customers. Fraud professionals using Sift can share product tips, exchange information, and receive actionable guidance from internal experts.


Our customers come first

We partner with our customers every step of the way to build trusted, long-term relationships and ensure their unique needs are always met.

Tailored integrations

Get a custom solution for your business regardless of size or industry. Our technical team will make sure you get the most out of Sift.

Ever-evolving expertise

Our Trust & Safety Architects have decades of industry experience building and scaling global fraud and abuse teams. They’ll work with you to build a fraud-prevention model that’s ideal for your business.

Better together

We connect complementary partners and industry leaders to deliver the most robust end-to-end solutions for our customers.

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