A Global Human Network of Fraud Experts and Intelligence

By tapping into the shared knowledge of thousands of sites and apps in Sift’s data network, along with that of fellow fraud experts, Sifters members have more accurate intel at their disposal to proactively and successfully address emerging threats. They can also find and share Sift product and feature tips, and get timely, actionable guidance from our in-house team of Trust and Safety Architects.

Members can look to merchants in a variety of industries to identify their own security vulnerabilities, while learning from their shared successes and failures. Ultimately, this amplifies the fraud prevention power of each individual business in the network, while strengthening our collective fight against online fraud and abuse.

A Transparent View into Risk Operations

All Sift customers benefit from Clearbox Decisioning, which provides deep, user-level transparency into the why and way risk thresholds are set. Magnified visibility into impactful signals translates into sharper, smarter decisions that help businesses confidently evolve and expand into new opportunities and markets. 

Access to Sift Product Experts and Internal Analysts

Our customer community isn’t just for customers, but it’s built with their needs front and center. Get direct insights and input from Sift employees, including our dedicated team of fraud analysts and Console experts.

Exclusive Resources & Intel

Sifters members gain access to a wide range of exclusive educational resources and product information covering multiple fraud types, pain points, use cases, and industries.

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