Every Policy Comes with Protection Pitfalls

Policy abuse manifests in exploited return policies, misused promotional codes, multiple account creation to repeatedly benefit from new user discounts, and loyalty program manipulation.

Financial impacts

Policy abuse directly impacts a company's revenue and increases operational costs. Dealing with policy abuse can drain resources, diverting attention from genuine customer service issues and innovation.

Misleading metrics

Key business metrics like lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, and total users can all be thrown off when existing customers spin up multiple new accounts to take advantage of a single promotion.

Protect Policy Compliance (Without Losing Customers)

Root out rulebreakers
Any promotion or bonus should have clear rules on who qualifies for the incentive and who does not. These policies should be documented for both internal and external consumption.

Automate enforcement
A powerful rules engine is key to identify abusers and dissuade them from their shady dealings. Updating rules to match business needs should be simple and code-free.

Investigate broad-spectrum patterns
Sift’s deep intuitive console provides a fast, accurate, and insightful way to dig deeper into individual abusers and surface connections to other users and accounts.


Defend Against Diversified Attacks

Fight fraud at every touchpoint with Sift’s AI-led technology and identity-level insights from our network of 1T global signals.

Account Creation

Stop fraudsters before they get the chance to activate accounts.

Account Takeover

Lock down loyal customers’ accounts and assets, and prevent valuable PII from being hijacked.

Payment Fraud

The Sift Platform is there when card-not-present fraud threatens your commerce ecosystem. Cover key risk points and payment types no matter how fast or how far you scale.

Chargeback Fraud

Suffering from friendly fraud? Automatically challenge unjust chargebacks with AI-led insights.


Digital Risk Assessment

Ready to grow without fear? Improve fraud operations, cut losses, and drive growth with a free, 1:1 risk assessment for your business.

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