Building Back Trust and Shrinking ATO

Account takeovers (ATOs) are a type of cyberattack, fraud risk, or identity theft that results in the unauthorized access of an account, typically through the use of stolen credentials. Once an account has been compromised, it may be used to launch additional attacks, make fraudulent purchases or transactions, or steal valuable information.


In ATO losses in 2023.

Aite Group

Jump in rate of blocked account takeovers in 2023.

Sift research

Bulletproof Account Protection Makes Users Untouchable

Expand fearlessly without sacrificing trust

AI-driven detection handles large-scale account takeover attacks at login with built-in multi-factor authentication tools.

Pinpoint risky activity at the user level

Trusted users transact without a hitch, but automatic notifications fire off in response to risky sessions, keeping friction functional and false-positives low.

Scale fraud ops with confidence

Automate risk decisioning, simplify complex cases, and speed up manual review with total transparency into account activity and data—all in one intuitive console.


Instantly Accept Trusted Tokens and Transactions

Instantly Accept Trusted Tokens and Transactions


Automation of manual review cases


Account takeover rate across Sift network

Growth That Costs Trust Flatlines Success

Large-scale account attacks mean your business is growing rapidly. Protect profits, arm against ATO, and increase order acceptance with Sift’s built-in, multi-factor authentication (MFA).


What initially drew me to Sift was the number of other partners it integrated with, and the ability to leverage the network effect of Sift across the partner ecosystem.”

Yan Pritzker

Co-founder & CTO of Swan Bitcoin

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Break Apart the DNA of Digital Account Risk

Trusted users transact with ease, fueling growth and retention through secure, frictionless experiences. Automatically protect every user with real-time risk alerts.


More efficient

Accelerate operational efficiency with 70% automation of manual review cases.

Sustain Customer Trust and Loyalty

Clear the path for trusted users and block risky logins with Sift’s 0.1% network ATO rate.

Manage Fraud at Scale

Automate risk decisions with Sift Workflows, deep-dive into complex cases, and accelerate manual review with a comprehensive view into account activity and data using the intuitive, customizable Sift Console.

AI-fueled Data and Decisioning Accelerates Secure Growth


Been There, Fought That

Evolving risk is an opportunity to redefine reward. Fraud pain points become business potential—fueling revenue through every user engagement and transaction—with Sift’s complete platform of digital risk solutions.

Account Creation

Make new users untouchable from the second they sign up.

Payment Fraud

Keep transactions and transfers secure across users, no matter the size, sum, or scale.

Policy Abuse

Protect return policies, promo offers, and customer perks from misuse.

Content Scams

Stop spam, scams, and phishing schemes from undercutting trust and revenue.


Start Your Digital Risk Assessment

Want to improve fraud operations, cut losses, and drop spend? Get started with a free, 1:1 risk assessment for your business.

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