Don’t Let Legacy Solutions Stunt Your Team's Potential

Enabling superior customer experiences and fighting fraud go hand in hand. These two things should never be an either/or.


Choosing Sift was the right decision for our growth. Now, during an intense period of expansion, the company can focus on the user experience instead of chasing fraudsters and fake accounts.”

Yin Stender

Head of Fraud Prevention at logo

Empower Your Team

Sift’s solutions are intended to empower fraud teams rather than replace them.


Increase in team efficiency

Reach Your Full Potential With Sift

Using outdated solutions can result in your team appearing less productive and efficient.


Meaningful Outcomes for Every Role in Your Organization

Leave Trust and Tooling to Us

Free up engineering resources and let Sift handle your fraud tooling needs. Protect every customer touchpoint through pre-integrations with other solutions, and say goodbye to third-party stack management.

Own the Risk-Reward Equation

Confidently project revenue without fear of losses. Sift's global data network instantly surfaces and blocks risk, so your business always stays ahead of evolving attacks and trends.

Secure Your Reputation (and Long-Term Revenue)

With Sift, your business is never an easy target. Drop churn and chargebacks, break down silos, and gain a comprehensive view into threat levels across different user touchpoints—all while cutting friction for trusted users and reducing reliance on 2FA.

Grow Fearlessly on Your Terms

Expand into new markets and metrics with confidence that the results will speak for themselves. Take the fraud conversation out of executive meetings, turn risk into revenue, and keep trust and safety teams lean, focused, and future-forward.


Move Your Business Forward with FIBR

Sift’s one-of-its-kind Fraud Industry Benchmarking Resource lets you compare your payment fraud, fraudulent chargeback, and manual review rates against Sift benchmarks by industry and region.


Dispute Data, Consumer Insights, and Emerging Trends

On-Demand Webinar

How to Defend Your Business Against First-Party Fraud


Sift’s Innovative Journey: 40 Patents and Counting