Every year, the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) is the perfect opportunity for fraud fighters across the e-commerce space to come together to discuss the latest trends and challenges in fraud. It’s an equally perfect opportunity for us at Sift to connect with our customers and our community to discuss what concerns are top of mind for them. This year, growth was the topic of discussion for many attendees, and we had the chance to talk with Patreon about how Digital Trust & Safety helps drive growth within their organization.


Maritza Dominguez, Risk Operations Manager, Patreon

Maritza has seen her role in fraud change greatly over the years, because fraud itself has evolved beyond just payments and transactions. For Maritza and Patreon, Digital Trust & Safety and fraud prevention are almost synonymous. Patreon has to build trust with its users in order to grow, and that growth is only possible if those users feel safe doing business on the platform.

“If our creators don’t trust us, it’s not going to work. We have to build trust with them, we have to make sure they feel safe making their living from our website.”

Maritza Dominguez, Risk Operations Manager, Patreon

Additionally, Growth and Fraud teams have to learn how to work together harmoniously, and in a way that won’t compromise fraud prevention or a company’s scalability. This is a challenge that has proven difficult for organizations to address via traditional fraud prevention structures. By adopting a Digital Trust & Safety approach, Maritza’s team has achieved a synchronous relationship with the Growth team that enables them to empower one another while also maintaining an effective balance between scaling and fraud prevention.

“We work hand in hand with Growth to reduce risk in the projects they want to run. Likewise, they remind us that we need to be able to grow to be able to keep doing what we’re doing and make sure creators keep getting paid every month, so we can’t block every transaction.”

And as a Sift customer, Patreon can let in more transactions, knowing that Sift’s high accuracy will weed out suspicious actors and fraudsters, preventing them from getting onto the platform before they can commit fraud.

Ready to put your business one step ahead of fraud and enable growth? The time to adopt a Trust & Safety approach is now. Request an assessment to receive recommendations on how to implement a Digital Trust & Safety strategy to align growth and fraud prevention within your organization.

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