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Introducing RiskWatch: Simplified, smarter fraud decisioning for Sift customers. RiskWatch delivers simplified fraud decisioning and better consumer experiences, alleviating the pressure on fraud teams to manually monitor real-time activity. Set target block thresholds that adjust automatically in response to shifts in risk and market demand, and grow securely. Learn more.


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RiskWatch makes it possible to set target block rates that automatically adapt in response to changes in user behavior, fraud attacks, or other dramatic shifts. RiskWatch automatically accounts for changes in user behavior patterns in real time, during fraud attacks or other dramatic shifts, with block rates adapting to capture additional risky events as they occur. As attacks conclude, risk thresholds return to pre-fraud levels that can be easily adjusted. RiskWatch is immediately available for Sift customers that leverage Sift for account creation, account takeover, content, payment, policy, and chargeback fraud.

Workflow Simulation

Finding the most effective way to optimize growth through automation is easier than ever with on-demand insight into exactly how changes will impact your fraud performance, and what changes will drive the biggest results prior to implementing them.

Expanded coverage for alternative payment methods (APMs)

We’re thrilled to deliver easy-to-use APM automation, investigation, and ML model training (e.g., “Buy Now, Pay Later” or BNPL), along with integrations for a wider range of Payment Service Providers (PSPs), digital wallets, and ACH systems.

Weighted cohort machine learning modeling

Our advanced, global, and business-specific machine learning models now incorporate weighted ML model insights derived from similar customer cohorts. This deeply strengthens Sift users’ ability to address and adapt to changing payment trends, regardless of origin.

Configurable user experiences

Customizable payment fraud prevention paths can be created for both traditional and emerging payment signals with the ability to drag and drop risk data into a personalized format, helping accelerate case resolutions and improve decision accuracy.