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Fraudsters Flock to Continuous Industry Growth

Digital goods and services have experienced some of the largest recent upticks in traffic and—as a result—fraud. The more of a staple this space becomes, the more fraudsters flock to it, and rapidly evolve techniques around unchecked digital user journey vulnerabilities.


Rise in global payment fraud 2022 vs. 2021*

*Source: Sift research

Of ATOs led to unauthorized purchases*

*Source: Sift research

Grow Fearlessly with Fraud Protection from Checkout to Chargeback

Protect revenue in real time
Secure every transaction with AI-powered decisioning that eliminates friction for trusted users. Automatically block risky activity from account creation to transaction.

Cultivate customer trust
Protect customers and your brand by defending against attacks on trusted accounts and automatically surfacing suspicious logins for verification.

Outpace evolving fraud
Get complete visibility into attack trends to decision impact and team performance. Make data-driven decisions that keep your business two steps ahead of fraud.


Secure Growth and Eliminate Vulnerability Across the Digital User Journey


Current digital goods payment fraud attack rate


Current digital goods manual review rate


Current overall ATO rate

Refocus Fraud Operations on Growth

Proactively stop risky transactions, win disputes, and safeguard trusted customer accounts with AI-powered decisioning and scalable automation.


We were thinking about restricting certain territories because of the level of fraud seen there, but with Sift, we’ve been able to sign over thousands of new accounts.”

John Page

Merchant Processing Director at ChowNow

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Payment fraud attack rate

Protect trusted transactions with Sift’s 3.6% payment fraud attack rate across digital goods.

Overall account takeover rate

Unlock secure conversions to tip growth into overdrive with Sift’s current overall 0.1% ATO rate.

Manual review rate

Keep manual review to a minimum with AI-led insights built specifically for digital goods.

Grow Faster—and on Your Terms

Own the risk-reward equation with Sift’s scalable, AI-powered decisioning platform and on-demand expertise. Eliminate fraud vulnerabilities across the digital user journey through deep, user-level insights, and secure measurable growth with our immense data consortium covering a global spectrum of markets and merchants. Proactively stop risky transactions, win disputes, and protect trusted customer accounts.

Accelerate Secure Growth with AI-Fueled Data and Decisioning


Fraud Exposes More Than Money

From account creation to chargeback mitigation, Sift is your go-to partner in fighting fraud.

Chargeback Fraud

Quit leaking your bottom line to friendly fraud and mitigate more chargebacks with intelligent automation.

Account Creation

Stop fraud before it hits your site.

Account Takeover

Lock down loyal customers’ accounts and assets, and prevent valuable PII from being hijacked.

Money Movement

Get fintech-forward protection against evolving payment fraud.


Digital Risk Assessment

Improve fraud operations, cut losses, and drive growth with a free, 1:1 risk assessment for your business.

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