Fraudsters are feasting on food and beverage

With convenient options like mobile ordering, self-service kiosks, and online promotions, businesses that cater to customers’ changing habits are seeing explosive growth. But with that growth and revenue comes a side of risk—and fraudsters are hungry.

Digital ordering is expected to account for 54% of LSR and QSR business by 2025.*

Customers crave the convenience of digital ordering. With more diners reaching for mobile devices, fraudsters are ready to take a bite out of your bottom line. *Source: Incisiv

Diners spent an estimated $486 billion ordering food to eat at home in 2020.*

With nearly a half-trillion dollars spent on takeout or delivery meals, the stakes are high. Food and beverage businesses need to balance fraud prevention with the speedy, seamless experiences customers expect. *Source:

Complete protection and increased flexibility

The same factors that drive growth for food and beverage businesses also increase the risk and impact of fraud. With Digital Trust & Safety, you’ll be able to protect every step of the user journey and fuel growth, all while improving the experience for legitimate customers and streamlining operations.


Stop fraud losses proactively

Credit card, gift card, and other types of payment fraud lead to chargeback fees, lost inventory, and customer mistrust. Block fraudsters before the point of transaction, reduce chargebacks, win disputes, and protect your customers automatically.

Advanced automation

There’s little time for manual review in the fast-paced world of food and beverage. Leverage Dynamic Friction and industry-leading machine learning to automatically and accurately block risky transactions and ensure orders from trusted customers are fast-tracked.

Eliminate false positives

Keep your customers coming back for more. Put an end to false positives, delight diners, and ensure fraud protection doesn’t get in the way of growth with Insult Monitor and actionable insights.

Put an end to account abuse

Onboard new users quickly, keep friction low, and unlock additional features for trusted users without compromising the security of your platform.

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