Digital Trust & Safety for Fintech

Sift accelerates growth while safeguarding every step of the user journey for the world’s top fintech companies, including the leading crypto exchanges and money transfer services. Secure every transaction, stop fake signups, and improve engagement with Digital Trust & Safety.

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Fintech growth attracts fraudsters

The fintech space is experiencing explosive growth. Unfortunately, that has attracted fraudsters who want to exploit the industry, its users, and their stored currency.

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The global fintech industry is valued at $5.5 Trillion*

Digital offerings from neo and challenger banks are transforming a market long dominated by legacy institutions and physical bank branches. Add to that the meteoric rise of cryptocurrency, consumers now have near-limitless options when it comes to choosing a financial services provider. And fraudsters are taking notice.

*Source: Allied Market Research

$1.9 Billion lost due to cryptocurrency crime in 2020*

Cryptocurrencies and the exchanges that support them are increasingly becoming targets for fraud. Bad actors on the dark web and other marketplaces routinely accept cryptocurrencies as payment for fraudulent goods and services.

*Source: CypherTrace

Complete protection and increased flexibility

The same factors that drive growth for fintech services also increase the risk and impact of fraud. With Digital Trust & Safety, you’ll be able to protect every step of the user journey, fuel growth, all while supporting streamlined onboarding and more options for adding and withdrawing funds.

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Detect fake signups

Automatically stop the creation of fake accounts no matter where they come from, whether they’re spun up by bots or developed by highly coordinated human fraud rings.

Secure every transaction

Neobanks, cryptocurrency exchanges, NFT marketplaces, and digital wallets are the new ATMs for fraudsters. Stop unauthorized deposits, transfers, and withdrawals in real time.

Proactively protect user accounts

Protect your users and your brand by defending against account takeover attacks. Automatically surface suspicious sessions for additional levels of verification at risky value extraction points.

Improve conversion and engagement

Onboard new users quickly, keep friction low, and unlock additional features for trusted users without compromising the security of your platform.

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