How fintech fights fraud

From sign up to transfer, there’s risk at every step of the user journey. Successful fintech businesses need end-to-end fraud prevention that supports aggressive growth and unlocks actionable insights from a global network of businesses fighting the same battle.

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Join the network trusted by the world’s top fintech businesses.

Sift helps you reach your goals without risk with real-time data and insights from a global network of fintech companies that power accurate and flexible fraud operations.

Trusted by 3 out of the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges and other leading digital banks, remittance services, payment gateways, BNPL services, NFT marketplaces, and money transfer services, Sift secures $120B across fintech globally.

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Smarter, easier fraud management built for fintech

With Sift’s Digital Trust & Safety Platform, you’ll be able to protect every step of the user journey and fuel growth. Support streamlined onboarding, and include more options for adding and withdrawing funds.

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Detect fraudulent signups

Automatically stop the creation of fake accounts, whether they’re spun up by bots or developed by organized human fraud rings.

Secure every transaction

Neobanks, cryptocurrency exchanges, NFT marketplaces, and digital wallets are the new ATMs for fraudsters. Stop unauthorized deposits, transfers, and withdrawals in real time.

Defend accounts

Across the Sift network, account takeover (ATO) attacks increased 131% between 2021 and 2022. Automatically surface suspicious sessions and protect your users and brand from ATO.

Reduce costs

KYC and identity verification checks are necessary, but the costs can add up. Reduce friction and assess trustworthiness before high-risk actions like transfers or adding funding sources.

Fuel expansion

Strike the optimal balance of risk mitigation and revenue growth. Confidently expand into new regions, and offer new products and services knowing your business and customers are protected.