Hello to Amazon Cash, a new service for cash customers

No bank account? No debit card? No problem – for users of Amazon Cash, a new service from the internet giant that gives consumers the option of adding cold, hard cash to their Amazon balance. Just visit a participating retailer, scan a barcode, and add between $15 and $500 to your account.

While PayPal already offers a similar service targeting the up to 27% of consumers who are either unbanked or underbanked, this new offering could appeal to just about anyone who wants to shop on Amazon without storing their card details with the retailer.



GameStop looking into a breach

Another week, another breach. This potential hack is at GameStop, the US-based electronics retailer with more than 7,000 locations worldwide. Security researcher Brian Krebs reports that hackers siphoned financial data including credit card numbers, expiration dates, names, addresses, and CVV2 security codes from GameStop.com.

Sounds like a recipe for payment fraud! Meanwhile, even if hackers don’t have someone’s full credit card info, a login and password can still do financial damage…

Amazon Marketplace the latest ATO target

Amazon Marketplace sellers are learning the hard way that recycling passwords across different accounts is risky. The Wall Street Journal reports that hackers have been using credentials from data breaches – bought on the dark web – to access users’ accounts. They then either steal from active sellers, or post fake merchandise from little-used accounts.

In fact, upwards of 20 dormant accounts are getting hacked every day, according to Marketplace Pulse. Cyberthieves are using them to post hot goods at super cheap prices (but with 4-week shipping), in the hopes that they’ll get paid before the deception is discovered.

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