All-in-One Bill Payment Platform

All-in-one bill payment platform doxo enables customers to pay billers securely from a single convenient location. To date, over 10 million doxo users across 97% of U.S. zip codes have paid bills through the payment network, across more than 45 different service categories. With more than 120,000 payable billers, doxo’s proprietary biller directory is the largest in the nation.

As doxo has grown, Sift has scaled with us and tackled new fraud threats before they ever hit our business. The combination of out-of-the-box technology along with customizable workflows has significantly assisted in reducing fraud through our platform and improved our user experience.Taylor SnyderManager of Risk & Compliance at doxo


Finding an Adaptable and Reliable Fraud Solution

Like many businesses in the e-commerce and fintech industries, doxo was faced with an ever-evolving threat of online fraud, posing significant risks to both their customers and the business itself. To address this, doxo required a proactive solution capable of preventing payment fraud before it could get through their platform and cause costly losses and brand damage. This solution needed to be dynamic, continuously evolving and adapting to the latest fraudulent tactics to ensure reliable protection.


Leveraging AI-Powered Insights to Proactively Prevent Payment Fraud and Chargebacks

The doxo team selected Sift as their preferred risk decisioning platform because of its advanced, scalable, and easy-to-use technology. Currently, doxo uses Sift to prevent fraudulent transactions and manage chargeback disputes. By leveraging these integrated solutions, they achieve comprehensive protection against payment fraud and costly chargebacks, as well as streamline operations and drive secure growth.

Sift helps doxo identify fraudulent activity, creating customized Workflows that focus on areas with the highest vulnerability and most frequent fraud attempts. This proactive approach enables their team to investigate and shut down fraudsters before they can make fraudulent transactions that would result in illegitimate chargebacks, all while minimizing manual review.

What matters most to our team is the feedback we haven't received. Specifically, we rarely hear from customers about fraud or problems caused by our fraud prevention process.Taylor SnyderManager of Risk & Compliance at doxo


Saving Time and Money by Streamlining and Automating Fraud Decisioning with Sift

Using Sift, doxo has uncovered several fraud trends, notably that fraudsters continuously learn and evolve their behavior, and often target specific vectors that facilitate the extraction of money. These insights have empowered them to fine-tune their Workflow Routes, targeting areas where fraudsters are most likely to be active to optimize their overall fraud prevention strategy.

The company has achieved a 10x return on investment using Sift’s payment fraud solution both by proactively preventing fraud and saving on manual review time and resources. The Sift Platform has also helped the doxo team streamline and automate a previously labor-intensive process, resulting in a 1.3% average manual review rate, significant time savings, and a high chargeback win rate of about 80%. In 2023, Sift enabled the company to achieve an exceptionally low accepted payment fraud rate—just 0.18 basic points (BPS) or 0.0018%—with only 34 chargebacks identified as legitimate fraud out of nearly six million payments processed.

I would most definitely recommend Sift to any company seeking an advanced, scalable, and easy-to-use fraud prevention or dispute management platform.Taylor SnyderManager of Risk & Compliance at doxo