Dispute Management

Unlock revenue with a real-time dispute management system.

Empower your team with Dispute Management, formerly known as Chargeback. Leverage intelligent automation to reduce chargebacks, win more disputes, and boost efficiency.

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Win more disputes with intelligent automation

Dispute Management catches invalid disputes at the source and prevents them from being filed, enabling Sift customers to stop up to 10% of Visa disputes.

Lower dispute rates

Prevent invalid disputes and lower your dispute rate. Create a direct line of communication with issuing banks, respond to early dispute notifications, minimize losses, and deter fraudsters with a 100% dispute response rate.

Improve win rates

Manage every piece of evidence needed to generate a comprehensive dispute response, including the application of card brand rules and regulations. Sift automatically selects relevant evidence based on industry, chargeback reason code, and applicable modifiers.

Streamline operations

An internal team is the best asset to manage disputes—they have first-hand knowledge of your business. Empower your team with Sift and dramatically reduce time spent researching, crafting, and submitting dispute responses.

More Wins. Less Fraud. Total Protection.

Comprehensive coverage means fewer disputes and more retained revenue for your company.


Proactively prevent fraud, reduce chargebacks, and boost your win rate with real-time data on disputes filed, deflected, won, or lost.


Keep dispute rates low with automatic data sharing of transaction details to help customers and banks recognize unknown transactions.


Win back revenue with automated dispute responses generated from transaction details and industry-leading machine learning.


Get robust reporting that follows data throughout the entire transaction lifecycle to increase efficiency and expand revenue opportunities.

A complete, end-to-end solution

With Chargeback now a part of the Sift Digital Trust & Safety Suite, you get the best possible protection from fraud while maximizing your revenue. Increase orders with less friction, decrease manual reviews with industry-leading machine learning technology, lower dispute rates, and automate dispute responses to improve win rates.

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