Dispute Management

Say goodbye to chargeback losses

Easily protect and recover revenue that would be lost to chargebacks with Sift Dispute Management.

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Chargeback operations made easy

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Customizable chargeback management built for your business

Intelligent automation

Get intelligent response recommendations from the first-ever chargeback solution to use real-time machine learning to identify missing evidence.

Customized solutions

Get a flexible solution with the right blend of automation, self-service, and managed services tailored to your specific business needs.

Industry expertise

We partner with you at every step to offer dedicated support and unmatched expertise in the ever-changing chargeback landscape.

The Digital Trust & Safety Platform

Your single solution to complete, flexible, and easy fraud prevention.

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How customers leverage Dispute Management

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A leading credit repair company stopped 73% of initiated disputes.

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A luxury retailer reduced 98% of EMV-related chargebacks.

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A major airline stopped 33% of initiated disputes in under 90 days.

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Stop fraud, break down data silos, and lower friction with Sift.

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