The #1 Digital Trust & Safety Platform

Reveal the total threat of fraud against your business

Sift eliminates the need for point solutions with a single platform to manage every aspect of fraud operations. Connect multiple tools with robust, real-time data. Make fraud detection smarter, simpler, and more flexible with intelligent automation at every touchpoint.

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Fight fraud with complete visibility

The global Fraud Economy is an interconnected network of fraudsters and abuse—and you can’t stop what you don’t see. Upgrade from disconnected, individual solutions and get a comprehensive view into ongoing risk. Predict attacks, strengthen proactive fraud prevention, and surface potential security blindspots before fraudsters sniff them out.

Intelligent fraud management made simple

Secure every aspect of fraud detection and management from account authentication to dispute response. Build flexibility and accuracy into trust and safety operations. Streamline decision-making, review, and execution with intelligent automation.

Complete and comprehensive solutions

Focus on high-impact cases and sessions that directly influence key decisions and revenue. Fuel growth and create smarter security strategies with patented technology that prevents payment fraud, account takeovers, spam, scams, and chargebacks.

Flexible and transparent automation

Adapt to changing market conditions as they shift with automated decision-making. Build and manage custom fraud logic, and create processes that help you decrease fraud and elevate your revenue growth strategy.

Easy and intuitive risk management tools

Lower pressure on analysts and increase productivity with streamlined manual review and automated risk management. Track performance and make data-driven decisions from a single, complete platform.

The Sift Digital Trust & Safety Platform

Solve today’s evolving fraud challenges and equip your team with the tools needed to address the scale, complexity, and pace of modern fraud.

  • Trust and safety ecosystem

    It takes a network to fight a network. The combined power of Sift’s cutting-edge technology, unmatched data, and growing Sifters customer community of trust and safety professionals keeps businesses ahead of the global Fraud Economy and the competition.

    Discover best practices, leverage industry templates, and track emerging fraud trends while cutting costs and accelerating growth.

  • Solutions

    Protect and grow your business with fraud solutions that secure each step of the customer journey.

    Easily integrate existing technology with partner features and our developer-friendly Sift Connect portal.

  • Automation and control

    Empower fraud teams with an approach to fraud that combines:

    • Global and custom models powered by real-time ML risk scores
    • Comprehensive investigation, testing, and reporting tools
    • Precision-focused automation—all in a low-to-no code application
  • Strength in numbers

    Tap into the most comprehensive fraud intelligence network to identify interconnected risk across industries and continents.

    Sift’s massive, diverse global data network fuels ML models entrusted to protect $325B in annual gross merchandise value worldwide.

Get custom-tailored support for your specific needs

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World-class support

From integration planning to onboarding, data configuration, deployment, and execution, Sift provides the technical support you need to get up and running quickly.

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Trust and safety experts

Build your fraud strategy with expertise from Sift’s Trust and Safety Architects with over 50 years of combined fraud knowledge at the world’s leading companies.

Why industry leaders choose Sift

We integrated with ease and began training the Sift model immediately, which took less time than expected and provided much better results.

Rob McCall, Director of Fraud Prevention | Uphold

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Sift has allowed us to focus on growth and enable our community to have a secure and trusted environment.

Robbie Fritts, Director of Fraud and Payments | Poshmark

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As soon as we turned Sift on, we saw fraud being caught and our chargeback rate dropped dramatically.

John Page, Merchant Processing Director | ChowNow

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Stop fraud, break down data silos, and lower friction with Sift.

See Sift in action

Secure your business from login to chargeback

Stop fraud, break down data silos, and lower friction with Sift.

  • Achieve up to 285% ROI
  • Increase user acceptance rates up to 99%
  • Drop time spent on manual review up to 80%
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