Business is booming for retailers—and fraudsters

Whether it’s in-store or online, the tactics used by fraudsters to attack retailers are evolving. With new types of fraud and abuse emerging, merchants need a comprehensive solution that can adapt in real time.

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The average value of attempted fraud increased 70% in late 2020*

Fraudsters recognize the growth brick-and-mortar and online retailers are experiencing, and they’re going for broke. As the stakes increase and new ways of shopping (BOPIS, one-click checkout, etc.) become commonplace, merchants need to prepare for a variety of fraud vectors while also reducing friction for legitimate transactions. *Source: Sift data


Shoppers spent $4.4 Trillion in 2020*

Retail spending increased by nearly 7% in 2020—the highest growth rate in more than two decades. The boom that retailers are experiencing comes with opportunities as well as challenges, as fraudsters will attempt to hide behind increased transaction volumes. *Source: Digital Transactions 360

Complete protection and increased flexibility

What drives growth for retailers also increases the risk and impact of fraud. Digital Trust & Safety protects every step of the user journey and fuels growth, all while streamlining operations and improving the experience for legitimate customers.

stop fraud

Stop fraud losses proactively

Credit card, gift card, and other types of payment fraud lead to chargeback fees, lost inventory, and customer mistrust. Block fraudsters before the point of transaction, reduce chargebacks, win disputes, and protect your customers automatically.


Streamline operations

Manual review is accurate, but it comes at a major cost. Sift’s industry-leading machine learning ensures that orders from trusted customers are approved faster, and resources aren’t wasted reviewing clear cases of fraud.


Eliminate false positives

Stop damaging loyalty by blocking legitimate customers. Leverage actionable analytics and insights to reduce false positives, and protect your business from fraud without hindering growth.

future proof

Future-proof fraud prevention

In-store or online, threats are constantly evolving and stand in the way of truly Unified Commerce. Lean on machine learning informed by a global data set to ensure you are prepared for every type of fraud and abuse, including BOPIS/BORIS/BOPAC and promo abuse.

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