Are you treating your good users like criminals?

Forget the old rules. It’s time to delight your trusted users and shut down fraudsters. With Dynamic Friction, user experiences can be customized in real time — the right way.

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The right experiences at the right time

For e-commerce leaders, protection and growth aren’t tradeoffs. Reducing fraud while delivering great user experiences is only possible by incorporating the three elements of Dynamic Friction.

Accurate risk assessment

Every interaction contains clues about how trustworthy a user is. Machine learning pieces together thousands of signals to dynamically guide your users to the right experience.

Custom experiences

Eliminate friction for trusted users, block risky interactions, and apply additional authentication to everything in between — so every one of your users has a tailored experience.

Automation at scale

As you grow, so do user expectations. You need the capability to route customers to the appropriate experience instantly — whether you have thousands of customers or millions.

Cover all your bases

We analyzed billions of user actions on our global network and found that fraudsters do not limit themselves to one type of abuse. As you block one vector, they move on to the next. With Sift and Dynamic Friction, you can protect and grow every aspect of your business, and stay a step ahead of fraud.

45% of fraudsters attempt more than one type of abuse

A growing number of fraudsters are moving beyond payment fraud into account takeover and content abuse. It is critical to leverage a fraud prevention solution that protects you from multiple types of fraud.

99% of account takeover attempts are blocked by multi-factor authentication1

Fraudsters are stopped in their tracks by MFA. Protect your users while delivering delightful experiences – with Dynamic Friction.

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