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“If you know the enemy and know yourself,

you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

-Sun Tzu, The Art of War


With the explosive arrival of mainstream Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI platforms, fraud actors have the upper hand in the battle for digital trust and safety. With these tools freely available, the fraud community is empowered to launch widespread, highly orchestrated attacks with greater speed and costlier outcomes.

True to our nature, Sift innovations arise to meet those needs.

Enter the Era of AI-Powered Fraud Decisioning and Fearless Growth

For over a decade, Sift has revolutionized the art of risk decisioning through applied science including advanced machine learning and a deep understanding of consumer identity insights. Our heritage and ongoing investment in AI allows Sift to turn the tables on novel fraud rings and emerging threats, using the same innovations as revenue levers for our customers and partners.  In other words, together we can now fight fire with fire.

And with this foundation, Sift has embraced our role as the AI-Powered fraud platform securing digital trust. Our strategy sits at the intersection of AI-driven fraud models, identity-centric insights, and a focus on enabling excellent consumer experiences. This is all supported by our global data network – one of the largest and most diverse fraud data consortiums to ever exist. Through this combination of investments, Sift uniquely addresses our evolving market and empowers our customers to grow fearlessly.

Consumer Experience: Make or Break for Digital Business

While the notion of fearless growth is not a new concept for Sift, it embodies an important shift in our industry. Digital businesses have recognized excellence in consumer experience as the #1 driver for consumer satisfaction, conversion to revenue, and consumer lifetime value. The most important shift: consumer experience is the main success lever for today’s digital risk professionals.

“Sift is a Consumer Experience company.”

– Kris Nagel, Sift CEO (Executive Keynote 2024)

For example, businesses will want to treat low risk consumers with the respect they deserve by avoiding false positive risk decisions that demand a step-up challenge. Alternatively, they can enable positive, affirmative experiences for high-trust consumers such as unlocking deeper content or special access to new features.

Sift: The Operating System for Today’s Fraud Fighters

At the heart of The Sift Platform lies our deep investment in decision science:  AI at the core, supported by our global data network, identity graph, and automated risk scoring engine.  This “magic flywheel” consumes more than 1T events per year spanning 16,000 risk signals from hundreds of digital businesses across a diverse set of industries and geographies.

Our approach to Clearbox Decisioning balances Sift’s foundation in automated risk scoring with the virtues of transparency and control.  Specifically, Sift pairs user-configured rules and policies with automated decisions to deliver more tailored, relevant scores. Additionally, high-risk transactions are resolved through embedded case management capabilities. Finally, Clearbox Decisioning delivers the management alerts and executive reporting necessary for full visibility across the organization.

Sift has defined seven business solutions to support risk decisions across the digital consumer journey, spanning Account Creation, Account Takeover, Payment Fraud, Money Movement, Chargeback Fraud, Policy Abuse, and Content Scams. Our ability to activate continuous monitoring of the consumer across the journey, combined with context of consumer risk from our vast network, allows Sift to deliver “always on” accurate and actionable risk scores.

And finally, Sift curates a human layer of people and communities that ensure no customer is left behind.  This includes access to the Sifters Community of customers and partners; an expanding ecosystem of technical and services partners; and our very own Trust & Safety Architects who have walked in the shoes of our customers and provide invaluable industry perspective.  As fellow fraud fighters, we’re always in your corner.

The Risk Revenue Movement Paves the Road Ahead

The era of AI-powered fraud decisioning has arrived, and Sift is proud to pave the path forward for our industry.  We are equally excited to express our vision through an all-new Sift.com. We believe that the experience delivered through our website reinforces how risk and revenue are no longer at odds, rather business realities that co-exist as levers to unlock sustainable growth and profitability.

This is truly a magical era in digital risk decisioning, and we are excited about the road ahead.

Visit Sift.com to enter the era of AI-powered fraud decisioning, join the risk revenue movement, and grow fearlessly.


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