Raviv Levi

I have an unwavering fascination with the transformative potential of AI, machine learning, and how we can use it to create a better world for all of us.

I have been watching these technologies surface, evolve, and hit the consumer and enterprise markets. It is only now that these technologies are mature enough to literally change the work around us, and augment our everyday lives.

When the time came to think about my next career adventure, I had no doubt, it had to be something that was at the forefront of technology and innovation—and it had to be something that’s going to change the world for the better.

Why Sift, and why now?

Over the years, I’ve kept a close eye on numerous companies touting the marvels of AI, only to discover that they heavily rely on third-party models, or face insurmountable costs. 

Sift stands out, exhibiting technological excellence, an unwavering commitment to building sustainable innovation from the ground up, and a unique model that allows it to provide a fast, fresh, and accurate response every time it is queried. 

My choice wasn’t rooted solely in technology or business viability though. It equally hinged on the alignment of Sift’s culture and values with my own. To me, these cultural aspects are fundamental to ongoing success, significantly shaping how we work, innovate, and delight our customers.

Finally, Sift has received global recognition across the larger industry by both Forrester and G2, having been named a Leader in G2’s Winter Reports and attaining Leader status in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Fraud Management, Q3 2023. Alongside the procurement of over 40 patents centered around revolutionary automation, AI, and machine learning, these achievements speak volumes to the unfolding impact Sift is making now—and poised to deliver in the future.

A vision of outcome-focused product innovation

My philosophy on product innovation is driven by driving customer outcomes, a simplicity-first mindset—and a relentless desire to disrupt the status quo. 

Here’s how I think about our platform:

We’re Solving Problems, Not Building Features. I believe in challenging how things have always been done and reevaluating industry norms. This enables us to uncover novel solutions that actually address our customers’ core challenges. Furthermore, this is how we shape the future of the industry and change the world for the better.

Customer Sentiment. It’s not just about satisfying customers; it’s about creating a product that customers love. Delighting customers is a starting point, but the ultimate goal is to build a product that resonates so deeply with users that they form a genuine emotional connection with it.

We Move Fast and Create Differentiation. Many companies boast about their differentiation, but avoiding fleeting trends, and focusing on crafting unique value propositions is not enough. In order to truly achieve innovation, disruption, and differentiation, companies have to foster a culture that is safe, encourages speed, calculated risk-taking, and uncompromising execution. Embracing change, learning from failures, and adapting quickly are crucial aspects of staying ahead in a dynamic market.

Sift is the driving force of a transformative shift in how fraud prevention and enhanced consumer experience are approached, where AI and ML will undoubtedly play pivotal roles. The opportunities for Sift and the broader industry are immense. Faced with the escalating threat of online fraud and the ever-evolving strategies of cybercriminals, traditional fraud prevention methods are struggling to keep pace. The unheard-of speed and complexity wholly underscores the growing importance of AI and advanced analytics in digital risk decisioning.

Future forward: The first 100 days

In my initial quarter at Sift, I’m committed to meeting with our key partners and customers to lay the foundation for shaping our product strategy and vision—which we will then passionately execute. I’m enthusiastic about the journey ahead, working closely with the Sift team and our valued customers to redefine security, instill confidence, and enhance the digital experience for all.

It’s an achievement and an honor to be tapped into this community. Together, we won’t just face the challenges of trust and security, growth and scale. We’ll also champion innovation, build resilience, and create a shared sense of purpose across the entire global Sift network. 

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