About the authors

Meet Sift’s expert team of Trust and Safety Architects.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is Vice President of Digital Trust & Safety Advocacy at Sift. Building high-performing teams and systems to combat malicious behavior are what drive him. Prior to Sift, Kevin worked as a manager at Facebook, Square, and Google in various risk, spam, and trust and safety roles.

Jeff Sakasegawa

Jeff Sakasegawa is a Trust and Safety Architect at Sift. He has spent over ten years fighting fraud for Google, Facebook, and Square. He's excited to be at Sift, helping to democratize access to best-in-class machine learning to protect payments, maintain content integrity, and defend accounts.

Brittany Allen

Brittany Allen is a Trust and Safety Architect at Sift. She has more than a decade of experience combating e-commerce marketplace fraud at companies such as Etsy, Airbnb, 1stdibs, and letgo. Her current role focuses on trust and safety education, developing industry best practices and strategies, and representing the merchant’s voice at Sift.

Jane Lee

Jane Lee is a Trust and Safety Architect at Sift, who specializes in malicious websites, spam, misinformation, account/content abuse, chargebacks, and payments risk. Prior to joining Sift, she was on teams at Facebook and Square, and also spent some time as a Private Investigator. She is passionate about designing and operationalizing systems for detection and enforcement of fraud at scale.