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Payment Protection

Proactively prevent payment fraud

Eliminate chargebacks and automatically accept more orders.

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Speed, accuracy, and
scalability in real time

The Sift engine is built to accelerate growth,
while protecting your business from bad actors.

Bolstered by the largest global network of data in the industry, our real-time machine learning looks at more than 16,000 signals to identify good and bad users with unparalleled accuracy – so you can stop new attacks before they happen.

Learn how we’re different

Billing name not in email address: Henry Gale vs.


Credit card country mismatches IP address: USA v. Vietnam


Distance traveled between orders: 9,048 km


Android device last location: Vietnam


Number of users per device: 12

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Comprehensive capabilities

Everything your team needs to block bad actors and work more efficiently.

  • Console

    Our user-friendly Sift Console is designed to highlight critical information you need to make fast, accurate decisions.

  • Workflows

    It’s easy to make automated decisions. Customize Workflows to block or accept orders, or route to review.

  • Queues

    Configurable Review Queues make the process clear, organized, and streamlined, for fraud teams of any size.

  • Analytics

    Get the full picture of fraud’s impact on your business using customizable dashboards and real-time analytics.