Payment Protection

Everything you need to eliminate payment fraud

Stop all types of fraudulent transactions from any online channel, accept more orders, and protect your business.

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Total protection and true growth

Numbers don’t lie. On average, businesses using Sift see 50% less fraud.

Chargeback reduction

True fraud, friendly fraud, omnichannel

Currency movement

Deposits, top-ups, withdrawals, remittances, collusion, card testing

Alternative payments

Cryptocurrency, bank transfers, eWallets


SCA routing, transactional risk analysis

Promo abuse

Coupon, referral, affiliate

Stop losses

Sift detects a full range of payment fraud for any business and industry. Our real-time machine learning powers automated decisions to stop fraudulent behavior proactively and stay ahead of emerging trends.

Streamline operations

Spend less time on manual review and uplevel your team’s performance. Sift provides a comprehensive platform for case management, automation, and reporting so you can exceed your business goals.

Drive growth

Approve more payments and increase your revenue. Sift’s accuracy means fewer false positives overall, and Insult Monitor is a first-of-its-kind feature that helps businesses identify and optimize acceptance rates.

Get global coverage and protection for leading payment methods.
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  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • AMEX
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • iDEAL
  • PayPal
  • AliPay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Boleto
  • SEPA
  • Bitcoin
  • Klarna
  • Samsung Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • ACH

Built to beat fraud

Sift has spent over a decade building and tuning models and signals to deliver actionable, accurate results to our network of customers.

Why we’re different
  • Strength in numbers

    With billions of events training Sift models every month, our global network of 34,000 sites and apps from around the world ensures protection from day one. This shared learning enhances detection and keeps your business one step ahead of fraud.

  • Sophisticated analysis

    We transform single data points, such as an email address, into hundreds of signals like similar emails, disposable domains, and email age. These rich signals feed our ensemble of custom, predictive models, so you can catch more fraud without customer insult.

  • True real-time learning

    Unlike reactive rules-based solutions and “checkbox” machine-learning solutions, Sift delivers the most up-to-date predictions within milliseconds. And with Dynamic Friction, you can add or remove challenges in real time.

A complete fraud-fighting platform

Everything your team needs to catch fraud and work more efficiently.


Our user-friendly Sift Console is designed to highlight critical information you need to make fast, accurate decisions.


Build business logic within Sift to block, accept, and dynamically add or remove friction based on risk.


Get visibility into key metrics with dashboards that update in real time.

Insult Monitor

The only solution that allows you to identify your true false-positive rate and accept more orders.

The Digital Trust & Safety ecosystem, unified

With low-code integrations that tie together the data and tools you rely on, Sift Connect is the nervous system of Digital Trust & Safety. Our apps and open APIs enable you to get up and running fast, work more efficiently, and drive action across your organization.

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