Keyless Passwordless Authentication

Embrace the power of passwordless authentication AND strengthen user privacy

Enhance the user experience and improve privacy protection while eliminating fraud, phishing, and credential reuse

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Powerful. Seamless. Private.

Keyless is revolutionizing biometric authentication with zero-knowledge encryption and privacy-enhancing technology

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Military-grade security

Keyless provides a strong MFA (multi-factor authentication) solution that authenticates people, not passwords, using strong liveness detection and biometric authentication technology to head off the risk of phishing and account takeover.

Enroll once, use it everywhere

No matter the device, Keyless delivers a low-friction user experience, using just one look to authenticate users. And because Keyless is a fully white-labeled solution, the user never has to leave your app.

Unmatched technology

With Keyless, personal biometric data isn’t stored—not on the user’s device and not on a centralized server. With nothing to store, there’s nothing to steal.

Better together

Apply adaptive friction to only the riskiest behavior with the combined solution of Sift and Keyless frictionless authentication.

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