Content Integrity

Stay ahead of spam and scams

Protect your community from malicious content – before it gets posted.

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Maintain a fraud-free community

Keep bad content off your platform, so you can grow your user base and increase engagement.

Proactively prevent abuse

Reduce fraudulent content by up to 90% with technology that defends in real time.

Safeguard your brand

Create better customer experiences, reduce churn, and preserve your brand’s integrity.

Work efficiently

Slash long review queues by 60% or more with powerful workflow automation.

Speed, accuracy, and scalability in real time

The Sift engine is built to accelerate growth, while protecting your business from bad actors.

Bolstered by the largest global network of data in the industry, our real-time machine learning looks at more than 16,000 signals to identify good and bad users with unparalleled accuracy – so you can stop new attacks before they happen.

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High-risk alert

Messages sent in the last hour: 34

High-risk alert

Email domain:

High-risk alert

Posts created in the last day: 35

High-risk alert

Users with the same browser + IP: 5

High-risk alert

Users with the same cookie: 6

Comprehensive capabilities

Everything your team needs to secure user accounts and work more efficiently.


Get critical information to review risky users and content in one place, for maximum efficiency and speed.

Network Graph

Uncover networks of fraudsters via connection visualizations, and easily block fraud rings en masse.


Automate content moderation with workflows that block or accept users and content, or route risky behavior to review.


Gain visibility into user activity and fraudulent content to spot trends in real-time and make better decisions.