Content Integrity

Eliminate fradulent content at its source

Proactively block spam, scams, and other malicious content to safeguard the integrity of your platform and your brand.

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Build your platform on trust and safety

With complete protection from risky content and the fraudsters who create it, businesses using Sift proactively stop up to 90% of spam and scams.

Fake signups

Inauthentic or duplicate accounts and profiles, bots

Fraudulent content

Fake listings, reviews, campaigns

Phishing & spam

On-platform messaging, email services

Policy violations

Marketplace collusion, paywall evasion

Maintain community integrity

Sift detects the riskiness of content and behavior, so you can build a platform that’s free of fraud. Our real-time machine learning adapts to emerging trends and powers instant decisions that keep users safe and engaged.

Streamline operations

With the vast majority of fraudulent content being blocked automatically, you’ll spend less time doing manual review. Sift provides an intuitive platform that empowers you to build automation, review risky cases, explore evolving trends, and remove malicious content at scale—so you can keep your platform fraud free.

Grow your brand

Sift’s accuracy means fewer false negatives and false positives—less spam, fewer scams, and a better user experience. Positive interactions lead to higher engagement, a stronger brand, and trust that drives exponential growth.

Purpose-built, customized for you

The largest marketplaces, dating sites, online communities, and content platforms in the world trust our cutting-edge models for accurate, actionable results.

Why we’re different
  • Holistic analysis

    We transform hundreds of data points—like IP addresses, listing titles, and browsing activity—into thousands of signals. This enriched data powers an ensemble of custom machine learning models that predict the risk of content and user behavior with unparalleled accuracy.

  • Sophisticated detection

    Sift's machine learning models incorporate data in real time for predictions that get smarter by the millisecond. We pair supervised and unsupervised learning to provide the most complete protection possible and surface new trends faster.

  • Better together

    With 70 billion events from customers around the world training Sift models each month, you’re protected from day one. These shared insights from our global data network provide a boost in accuracy across the board to keep you one step ahead of fraud.

A fraud-free platform, at your fingertips

Powerful, intuitive tools ensure community integrity and help you work more efficiently.


Easily build business logic to automatically take action on fraudsters and their content. Block, accept, and dynamically tailor user experiences based on risk—with no engineering resources required.


Use the rich data that powers our machine learning to supercharge manual moderation. User and content-level data in one place empowers you to make fast, accurate decisions.


Uncover hidden coordination and improve detection accuracy by surfacing new trends without applying any labels—then take efficient bulk actions to keep your platform secure.


Gain real-time visibility into top-line metrics like content and account creation, bottom-line metrics like block rate, and indicators like the amount of content being reported by users on your platform.