Account Defense

Take control and stop account takeover attacks on your site

Protect user accounts, reduce losses from account takeover (ATO), and decrease customer churn without introducing undue friction at login.

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Identify and stop ATO attacks at scale

Sift customers catch 30x more ATO attacks with Account Defense.

Card processing

Fraudulent use of stored payment information

Transfer of stored value

Liquidating cash, loyalty points, or store credit

Spam & Scams

Phishing attempts, advertising, scam promotion

Stop ATO loss

Sift helps stem the tide of losses from account takeover attacks. From posting spam and scam content to committing fraud with a saved payment method, Sift reduces the damages customers incur as a result of trusted accounts being compromised.

Reduce churn

Survey data confirms that 28% of users report they will leave a site if they suffer an account takeover. ATO fraud costs your company significantly more than a single loss. Protect your customer acquisition costs and customer lifetime value by stopping churn caused by account takeover.

Improve brand trust

Apply Dynamic Friction and protect your users without introducing unnecessary roadblocks. Appropriate use of two-factor authentication (2FA) and security notifications will increase users’ trust in your brand.

Account takeover attempts are up 307% from 2019 to 2021, according to Sift data. Learn more about the causes of the spike and how we’re helping customers combat ATO.

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Comprehensive prevention

Stopping ATO requires more than detecting bot vs. human activity. Complex scripts and human-driven attacks can circumvent rules-based bot detection systems.

  • Sophisticated machine-learning models

    Rules-based bot prevention only stops one vector of ATO attacks. Sift’s industry-leading, custom ATO machine learning model detects real-time risk at the point of login using over 100 signals.

  • Authentication for all

    Two-factor authentication and security notifications are invaluable tools for protecting users’ accounts. However, only a small percentage of users will turn on 2FA by default. And security notifications enable you to monitor for ATO attacks at scale without introducing friction at the point of login. Account Defense includes Sift Authentication, a free-of-charge tool featuring 2FA via email or SMS, and email security notifications to maximize protection while minimizing friction for low-risk logins.

  • Total control and flexibility

    Sift puts you in the driver’s seat to determine the level of Dynamic Friction you want to introduce at login. Use the intuitive Sift Score to send a security notification, add a session to a watch list, or send a 2FA.

A complete fraud-fighting platform

Everything your team needs to catch fraud and work more efficiently.


Access critical information in our user-friendly Sift Console, enabling deep-dive investigation and fast, accurate decisions.


Configure, test, and send 2FA and security notifications with Sift Authentication, included with Sift Account Defense.


Get visibility into key fraud metrics and critical insights with comprehensive reporting dashboards that update in real time.


Easily apply the right level of Dynamic Friction with Workflows—at login or before a user attempts high-risk activity.