Account Defense

Simplify account security and accelerate growth

Proactively detect and block account takeovers, cultivate customer trust, and build flexible fraud operations.

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Stop sophisticated ATO attacks before they happen

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Manage all aspects of account security with a single solution

Unmatched accuracy, speed, and adaptability

Identify and act on potentially compromised accounts with unmatched accuracy. Enhanced, sophisticated feature extraction and real-time data fuel an unbeatable combination of ML and customizable, rules-based insights.

Customizable fraud prevention built for your business

Stay fast and flexible even as your business expands into new markets. Deploy new configurations with confidence, and simplify trust and safety across customers, geographies, and languages with models tailored to your specific business needs.

Accelerate growth and operational efficiency with Sift Connect

Seamlessly integrate your fraud stack with best-in-breed technology partners using Sift Connect. This ecosystem of apps and open APIs features platforms like Zendesk, Jumio, and Onfido that add improved data accuracy and efficiency to fraud operations.

Fueled by intelligent automation at every touchpoint

Your single solution to complete, flexible, and easy fraud prevention.

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What customers are saying about Account Defense

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I fell in love with Sift because it was intuitive and wasn’t intimidating. It gives me so much control, and it’s so easy to use, customize, and make decisions with.

Sahil Farooqi, Head of Customer Care and Security | Rently

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Mobile phone Swan Bitcoin screenshot

What initially drew me to Sift was the number of other partners it integrated with, and the ability to leverage the network effect of Sift across the partner ecosystem.

Yan Pritzker, Co-founder & CTO | Swan Bitcoin

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Mobile phone Traveloka screenshot

Sift helps us detect more ATO than our rules-based system could, and the console makes it easy for our team to investigate suspicious cases and take action quickly.

Wayan Tresna Perdana, Sr. Product Manager - User Platform | Traveloka

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Stop fraud, break down data silos, and lower friction with Sift.

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