Account Defense

Defend your users. Protect your brand.

Put an end to fake accounts, and stop losing customers to account takeover.

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Protect your customers and grow trust

Sift secures all of your accounts, so you can gain new users and retain existing ones.

Block fake accounts

Keep fraudsters and bots from signing up and damaging your brand and bottom line.

Stop account takeover

Prevent bad actors from accessing good accounts and eroding your customers' trust.

Reduce friction

Maintain a simple and secure experience for good users, while blocking the bad.

Speed, accuracy, and scalability in real time

The Sift engine is built to accelerate growth, while protecting your business from bad actors.

Bolstered by the largest global network of data in the industry, our real-time machine learning looks at more than 16,000 signals to identify good and bad users with unparalleled accuracy – so you can stop new attacks before they happen.

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High-risk alert

Credit card country mismatches IP address country: USA v. Indonesia

High-risk alert

New IP address detected:

High-risk alert

New desktop browser seen: Chrome on Windows 10

High-risk alert

Desktop browser last location: Jakarta

High-risk alert

Distance traveled between last login sessions: 14,404 km

Comprehensive capabilities

Everything your team needs to secure user accounts and work more efficiently.


Easily detect anomalous behavior with a clear view of login history – from locations and devices to a timeline of sessions.

Network Graph

Use the global network graph to reveal connected fraudulent accounts, so you can stop attacks before they happen.


Create dynamic login experiences, block or accept signups, or route accounts to review with automated Workflows.


Customizable Review Queues make the process faster and more efficient, so you can reduce friction for real customers.