Insult Monitor — easy, effective, essential

In the past, determining a false-positive rate was seen as next to impossible. Those days are over. With Insult Monitor, you can easily and effectively eliminate your biggest blind spot, increase order acceptance, and boost revenue. Here’s how it works.

Choose a rule to monitor and set up an experiment with ease right within the Sift Console — no developers required.


Digital leaders are making the change to Digital Trust & Safety

While preventing fraud is a paramount concern for online businesses, it’s critical that we don’t apply the ultimate type of friction — transaction denials — for legitimate customers.Jacqueline Hart, Head of Trust & Safety

See Insult Monitor in action

Watch the Stop Losing Good Customers: How to Intelligently Prevent Fraud and Drive More Growth webinar to see Insult Monitor in action and learn how Digital Trust & Safety is helping world-class companies align their risk and revenue decisions.