Featured Industries

From fintech to payment service providers, retail and marketplaces, we work with a variety of industries to help businesses reduce fraud and fuel growth.

One solution, many applications

The Sift Digital Trust & Safety Suite enables businesses to prevent all types of online fraud and abuse with a single integrated solution—tailored to any industry or use case.

  • Fintech

    More than 75% of consumers globally use fintech services—making it a high-value vertical for fraudsters. Stop fake signups, win disputes, protect user accounts, and improve engagement.

  • Marketplaces

    Your community thrives on trust—ensure your users are safe and protected. Stop fraudulent listings, detect phishing scams, and secure every transaction.

  • Retail

    Whether in-store or online, fraud damages customer loyalty and your bottom line. Prevent lost inventory, reduce chargebacks, fight BOPIS fraud, and deliver tailored experiences for your customers.

  • Travel & Transportation

    Don’t give fraudsters a free ride—stop abuse before it takes off. Secure user accounts, protect stored value and travel points, and put an end to promo abuse.

  • Food & Beverage

    In the fast-paced world of food and beverage, there’s little time for manual review. Automate risk assessments, stop payment fraud in real time, and deliver delightful experiences with industry-leading machine learning.

  • On-demand Services

    Rely on real-time fraud prevention customized for the right-now economy. Stop fraud losses proactively, reduce chargebacks, protect user accounts, streamline operations, and fuel growth.

  • Digital Goods & Services

    Digital goods and services are delivered instantaneously, leaving your team little time to make risk assessments. Stay a step ahead of payment fraud, proactively stop chargebacks, win disputes, and protect customer accounts.

  • Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

    PSPs influence the speed and security of every transaction processed between merchant and customer. Protect more revenue by proactively detecting fraudulent activity, shutting down collusion, and quickly mitigating losses on behalf of platform users.

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Over 34,000 sites and apps trust Sift to deliver outstanding customer experiences, while preventing fraud and abuse.