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Sift’s services leverage the features and functionality of different patents owned by Sift Science, Inc. as listed below. For more information about our services, please see our Terms of Service and our Digital Trust & Safety product suite.

Patent NumberGrant DateDescription
10,643,21605/05/2020Workflow platform that allows customer teams to build and update their fraud processes without needing to write code; enables set up of workflows that automate any type of fraud detection achievable on Sift's platform.
10,402,82809/03/2019Enables the classification of multiple types of fraud and abuse simultaneously on a single account via the use of global and custom models, and ensemble of models. A distinct fraud score can be computed for each listed type of fraud.
10,482,39511/19/2019Enables the detection of account misappropriation and produces a risk score that indicates when an account may be being used by someone other than the original creator.
10,572,83202/25/2020Enables migration from an old risk scoring model to a new risk scoring model for a given customer to address changes and trends in fraud patterns. The calibration keeps score distributions stable even when Sift migrates customers between model types.
10,462,17210/29/2019Provides an analytical framework for evaluating anomalous shifts in risk scores for a given customer, allowing Sift to validate a new scoring model for a given customer before deployment and blocks deployment until validated.
10,623,42304/14/2020Prevents interferences between customer analysts reviewing a transaction within the Sift platform, providing real time updates to systems and client browsers interacting with the review queue.
10,666,67405/26/2020Varies the weights on a per customer basis of the models that make up Sift’s global scoring model to generate more accurate and specific risk scores.
11,303,66504/12/2022Produces a prediction that includes a risk score for posted content, and may include multiple distinct models that operate together as a unified risk model to predict whether abuse or fraudulent content is likely to occur.
10,929,75602/23/2021Provides a proxy model for interpreting complex black box models by constructing a surrogate model that mimics outputs of a black box model.
10,958,67303/23/2021Provides automatic multi-factor authentication to Sift's service, enabling both direct verification requests and verification requests triggered by an automated workflow. Verification data may be used as training data to improve customer-specific models.
11,068,91007/20/2021Enables a customer to Sift's service to determine false positive rates in declines or adverse decisions output from automated workflows.
11,049,11606/29/2021Allows for automated anomaly detection in decisions output from automated workflows.
11,528,29012/13/2022Implements text clustering models and techniques to surface fraudulent or abusive patterns in online content across users.
11,620,65304/04/2023Selectively identifies salient signals for card testing and converts those signals into learnable features that may be added to an existing machine learning.
11,573,88302/07/2023Enables robust testing of workflow routes for identifying optimal routes for improving automated proposals for digital handling.
11,645,38605/09/2023Enables bulk labeling of corpora of data samples using a variety of techniques for exploring and identifying groups or networks of fraudulent and legitimate data samples.
11,575,69502/07/2023Enables the creation of a connected component graph or network for exposing potential large scale attacks, such as bot attacks.
11,496,50101/08/2022Introduces an active learning-informed data sampling technique for creating a labeled corpus of samples for effectively training a model.
Patent allowedProvides several mechanisms for automatically creating workflows and workflow routes for new and existing Sift customers.
Patent allowedCreates and enables an automated agent for accelerating chargeback disputes by automatically scoring the success of a chargeback based on known transaction evidence and proposing transaction evidence that may improve the probability of success.
Patent pendingEnables customers and partners to integrate with and interchange data through Sift's systems by an extensible webhook service.
Second patent allowedIdentifies anomalies in risk score distributions including shifts or drifts to generate an explanation for the anomalous behavior(s) together with corrective actions taken to mitigate the anomalies.
Second patent pendingIdentifies fraudulent automated bot activities and generates a unique bot signature for each distinct bot that is detected and which can be leveraged in real-time bot identification to accelerate detection and threat mitigation posed by malicious bots.
PendingPatent pendingAllows customers to evaluate and respond to events based on multiple scoring criteria by introducing a technique that assigns both an event score and one or more percentile scores to each evaluated event, and enables customers to design related workflows. This invention involves using a T-Digest algorithm for calibration.


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