Digital Trust & Safety Suite

All Sift capabilities, one integrated solution

Outmaneuver fraud and abuse with protection for the entire user journey. The Digital Trust & Safety Suite gives you flexible access to the Sift products you need, when you need them.

Protection that’s always active

Tailor user experiences based on 16,000+ real-time signals — putting good customers in the express lane and stopping bad customers from reaching the checkout.

Focus on growing your business — not your toolkit

A single integration with Sift unlocks total protection, and streamlined procurement gives you flexibility to scale quickly. All this powered by machine learning that gets better as you grow.

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Advanced Case Management

Investigate account takeover faster with the new Login Inspector

By grouping login activity into scannable profiles based on shared attributes, Login Inspector enables you to spot anomalies faster and maintain the integrity of accounts.

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Enterprise Control

Coming soon: Roles & permissions make Sift more secure and personal

Updated role-based access controls ensure your team only has the access they need — for higher levels of security, compliance, and productivity. Get up and running quickly with new preset roles, or define custom roles based on how you operate.

Design the analyst workspace with Layout Manager

Customize Sift for the way your team works. The new Layout Manager enables you to standardize layouts in the Sift Console for each abuse type, so you can onboard faster and equip your team with the context they need for more efficient review.

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Expanded Insights Reporting

New reports for Content Integrity and Account Defense

Sift Insights keeps getting smarter. Stay ahead of account takeover and keep friction low with real-time visibility into sessions, logins, and verifications. And new reports for content abuse empower you to fight spam and scams better and keep your community safe.

Workflow Metrics for improved automation

Tune Workflows with actionable data about every criterion you automate on and the impact of business logic on users. By improving automation, you’ll reduce friction and free up your team to review more complicated cases.

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