Trustworthy User Experience

Provide Dynamic Friction for users

Provide multi-factor authentication for your users with Verification, adding friction for fraudsters where needed, and making sure a good user’s experience won’t be disrupted.

Analyze and eliminate malicious URLs

Embedded URLs can be toxic for your users. Sift keeps users safe with URL Analysis designed to prevent them from falling victim to spam and scams.

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Sophistication for Admins and Developers

Make informed, timely decisions on crucial cases

When analysts need more time to make informed decisions, they can put cases on hold while they verify, enabling them to authenticate a transaction, without canceling.

Stay connected to your operations with Multi-Level Accounts

Have multiple brands or business units? Now you can manage them more efficiently with a single administrator login, giving you impactful visibility into your entire organization.

Connect securely with two-way TLS authentication

A trustworthy connection to Sift is critical to our customers. With two-way TLS authentication on all API events, adequate permissions are validated.

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