Go Beyond Online Fraud Protection

Your team is fighting more than just fraud.

Fraud is expanding and the number of tools used to fight it is exploding. And fraud teams are stuck in the middle. The Sift Digital Trust & Safety Suite now gives you more control, more visibility, and more opportunity to conquer these challenges at every step of the customer journey.

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The challenges facing fraud teams

Fraud is changing, growing, evolving—and fraud teams are left feeling outpaced and overwhelmed.

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Evolving fraud landscape

Fraud has grown into something larger and connected called the Fraud Economy, where one fraud type acts as both a springboard for, and a bridge between, other fraud types. There’s risk at every point in the customer journey—and it can quickly overwhelm your team.

Too many tools

Point solutions address only parts of the Fraud Economy. They are expensive, rarely connect to each other, and don’t solve the whole problem. Streamline operations and improve efficiency with a single solution that orchestrates your entire fraud prevention operation.

Disconnected departments

Your fraud team serves a critical function, but is often disconnected from other parts of the business. Break down siloes between departments, share data, and improve overall accuracy with a solution that elevates fraud prevention to a strategic priority.

Your connected hub

The Sift Digital Trust & Safety Suite gives you the power to protect your business against all types of fraud, streamline your operations, and optimize for growth.

Tailored products

The Sift Digital Trust & Safety Suite protects every step of the customer journey—from the moment they create an account, to making a purchase, and even posting reviews. Powered by machine learning, our unified solution provides the capabilities you need to optimize for growth while safeguarding all user interactions.

Sift Connect

Sift Connect is an ever-growing ecosystem of powerful fraud-fighting tools. Easily connect Sift with chargeback representment services, 3rd-party data sources, and business intelligence with low-to-no code integrations that maximize accuracy and drive action across your organization.

Expert advice

Our Trust and Safety Architects have decades of industry experience building and scaling global fraud and abuse teams. Paired with our global network of partners, the Sift team will help you develop a fraud-prevention approach that’s ideal for your business and will scale as you grow.

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Digital Trust & Safety Assessment

Ready to put an end to fraud and fuel growth? Take our Digital Trust & Safety Assessment and receive custom recommendations from our team of experts with decades of fraud-fighting experience at companies like Facebook, Square, and Google.

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