Got growth? Congratulations! Now you have a fraud problem.


of fraudsters will use any and all types of abuse to target your business.

The other 55% become experts at specific vectors like payment fraud, account takeover, content abuse, or chargeback fraud—putting customers at risk long before they enter payment details on your site.

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Stop making customers pay the price for protection.

Fraud damages every aspect of your business. Adding friction to safeguard the customer journey can annoy people right into the carts of your biggest competitors. Protection and growth aren’t tradeoffs. Stop settling for fraud prevention that only gets half the job done.

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Full-service fraud prevention that supports every priority

Don't stifle growth to shut down fraud. Sift powers your fraud-fighting strategy with the orchestration and intelligence you need to be effective without crushing momentum.

Stop all types of online fraud and fuel growth with our market-leading, end-to-end solution, intuitive integration capabilities, and in-house expertise.

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Online fraud stops here.

Sift’s Digital Trust & Safety Suite is every fraudster's nightmare. We secure your business at scale and support explosive growth. Proactively stop account takeover, payment fraud, scam content, and chargebacks from destroying your brand's integrity. So: what’s your goal?

Outpace evolving fraud threats every time.

of consumers would abandon your brand if they fell victim to fraud on your site.

Stop looking at fraud through a narrow lens that only focuses on loss prevention, and start thinking about its total impact on your business.

The clock is ticking.
The time for Digital Trust & Safety is now.

Digital Trust & Safety is the only fraud-fighting strategy that prevents all types of online fraud and abuse using a single, integrated solution.

Risk and revenue decisions are aligned. Customer journeys are streamlined and secured from login to purchase and beyond. And fraudsters? They get nothing.

It’s not trust or safety—
it’s Digital Trust & Safety.

The Sift Digital Trust & Safety Suite integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack, so you can fight fraud instead of your IT team.

Our experts provide strategic guidance on what works best for your business, while our world-class engineers and real-time machine learning models intercept digital criminals that want to take you down.

Drive more revenue. Accelerate growth. End online fraud. Begin your Digital Trust & Safety transformation with Sift today.


You always start with the customer. Now it’s time to get more of them.


of businesses say that traditional fraud solutions hinder growth by requiring too much friction.

Sift ensures that valued customers are never punished for the sake of protection.

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You can't afford to keep killing growth.

More revenue is your goal, but any shortcut that speeds up the purchasing process has a digital target on its back.

Growth doesn't have to collapse to keep consumers secure. Unique fraud-fighting features make delivering safe, standout experiences to your customers easy from the moment they first land on your site.

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Real-time fraud prevention for real-world expansion

Sift fuels massive growth while serving up secure, tailored experiences for your customers. Our real-time machine learning models protect users from fraud, and consumer-focused features like Insult Monitor and Dynamic Friction keep them happy—all while reducing chargebacks, churn, brand abandonment, and false positives.

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What is Fraud Prevention?

Fraud can affect every aspect of our lives: it pulls on our resources, decreases our revenue, and raises the costs of various goods we use. Cybersecurity and fraud prevention should be the strongest point of defense for every modern company.

Incorporating fraud prevention solutions in your business operations will allow you to run your company and focus on growing revenue safely. By using advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning, modern fraud prevention systems like Sift stop cybercriminals from stealing important business and personal information.

Fraud History

In the past, fraud detection wasn't as detail-oriented, automated, and sophisticated as it is today. Not so long ago, store clerks used to make phone calls to get credit card purchase authorization.

In the early 1990s, the biggest fraud challenge was the rapid rise of payment fraud via counterfeit transactions.

Organizations used a fragmented approach to solving the problem, using rudimentary analytics and strict business rules to spot anomalies and create alerts. However, there was no automation, and they couldn’t easily cross-reference data, so monitoring events in real time was impossible.

Sadly, many companies still use the old ways and try to fight fraud. Modern fraud solutions, especially Digital Trust & Safety, balance risk and revenue. Unlike cutting-edge online fraud prevention tools, old-school protection doesn’t prioritize growth. Instead, it only focuses on loss prevention.

A modern fraud prevention solution uses sophisticated technology and complex analysis not only to spot fraudulent transactions but also to prevent future ones from happening and to unlock revenue growth.

Modern-Day Digital Fraud Prevention

Professional cybercriminals and amateur “basement guys” are getting harder to prevent, understand, and detect.

In today's world, fraud prevention takes a proactive approach to match activities with data points using advanced technologies to find abnormalities. Fraudsters keep developing tactics that are getting more and more sophisticated, and you need a modern-day solution to stay on top of their ever-changing attack tactics.

As one of the top fraud prevention companies, here at Sift we use cutting-edge technology that gives us the ability to learn from complex data patterns. Detecting network relationships and understanding industry patterns gives our analysts a holistic view of the overall activity of cybercriminals and fraudsters.

A single integrated solution can prevent all types of online fraud. Through machine learning, it allows you to stop fraudsters with undeniable accuracy, and automatically protect your customers. A sophisticated fraud prevention tool, such as our Sift Digital Trust & Safety Suite, will allow you to streamline operations, automate various actions, and get detailed insight into your business.

It allows you to expand your business by helping you learn about your trusted users and accept new orders with confidence.

Who Needs Digital Fraud Prevention

Many businesses and governments use various technologies to prevent the consequences of fraud. Companies from various industries are using our fraud prevention system and experiencing remarkable benefits.


Various banking institutions face fraud through customer account takeover, synthetic identities, the hijacking of digital authentication and payments, and various other crimes. We help online banks and similar institutions detect fraudulent transactions proactively by taking action in real-time.


Cyber-crimes against financial institutions are increasing rapidly. The typical financial company loses an average of five percent revenue per year to fraud. We help companies from the financial services industry grow their businesses and stop losing profits.


Our all-in-one e-commerce fraud prevention solution helps e-commerce companies reduce chargeback overheads while streamlining transactions for legitimate users. Using our e-commerce fraud prevention tools, we help lower friendly fraud costs and chargeback rates, but also reduce gift card and coupon abuse, and promote secure login authentication.

How Digital Fraud Prevention Works

Fraud detection is a continuous process. There is no ending point to this ongoing cycle: it involves constant detection, monitoring, analysis, case management, and strategy implementation.

Our experts and technologies focus on continually learning from fraud incidents to improve future detection and monitoring processes.

Technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming prevalent, and whether your goal is fraud detection, security, or compliance, you will benefit from our modern digital fraud prevention program. The new generation of technologies we use is automating manual processes, combining our global data set with real-time analysis to detect existing threats and prevent future ones.

Our Content Integrity solution helps proactively block fake content, including scams, and spam that may hurt the integrity of your brand and business.

We use machine learning to provide actionable insights to our customers. Machine learning algorithms learn from past data to identify suspicious patterns for an analyst to check and possibly flag. Our all-in-one suite allows you to optimize your growth by safeguarding all user interactions. We use an ensemble of machine learning models with the highest accuracy in the industry to help our clients fight fraud all over the world.

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