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Optimize for growth by delivering frictionless shopping experiences without risk.

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Trust & safety tailored for your Shopify store

Turn fraud prevention into your competitive advantage. Power your site with the same technology trusted by e-commerce leaders to drive revenue while protecting themselves from fraud.

Accept more orders

Sift’s accuracy reduces false positives, so you can increase conversion and build customer loyalty.

Stop chargebacks

Our real-time machine learning delivers unparalleled accuracy, so you can reduce fraud by 80% or more.

Scalable protection

Machine learning adapts to new fraud patterns in real time—so you can stop fraud automatically and keep manual review low, even as attack patterns change.

Turnkey solution

Start your fight against fraud with just a few clicks. Our app in the Shopify App Store unlocks instant access to the power of Sift.

Why Sift?

Our customers gain a competitive edge through Sift’s commitment to breakthrough technology, global community, and commitment to building long-term partnerships.

  • Technology

    Our ensemble of machine learning models combines 16,000+ custom and global signals to deliver unparalleled detection accuracy.

  • Community

    We share learnings across our network of 34,000 sites and apps, so you can identify suspicious behavior and stop fraud before it happens.

  • Partnership

    We partner with our customers every step of the way to build trusted, long-term relationships and ensure their unique needs are always met.

13.7x return on investment

"The insight, transparency of data, and ease of use with Sift is amazing. It is constantly learning about your business and customer buying patterns. Once everything is set up on the backend you're able to sit back and let it do its job. This brings not only relief and confidence, but has saved us time and money as well. Thank you, Sift!"
Deb Jawicki
Director of Finance and Human Resources