Sift for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Transform your business with Digital Trust & Safety for Salesforce

Achieve best-in-class growth by aligning risk and revenue with our Commerce Cloud cartridge

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Join Retail Leaders Growing with Sift and Salesforce

A comprehensive fraud solution

Sift enables retailers to unlock growth without risk and emerge as leaders in the industry.

Stop fraud

Our real-time machine learning delivers unparalleled accuracy that enables you to proactively block fraud and stay ahead of any emerging trends.

Streamline operations

Decrease or eliminate your manual review. We provide comprehensive tooling for automation, case management, and reporting.

More orders accepted

Sift’s accuracy reduces false positives, so you can increase your top-line revenue and exceed your business goals.

Low-code integration

Get started with a few simple steps. Our cartridge gives you easy access to our Digital Trust & Safety platform.

Why Sift?

Sift customers gain a competitive edge through our commitment to breakthrough technology, global community, and long-term partnerships.

  • Technology

    Our ensemble of machine learning models combines 16,000+ custom and global signals to deliver unparalleled detection accuracy.

  • Community

    We share learnings across our network of 34,000 sites and apps, so you can identify suspicious behavior and stop fraud before it happens.

  • Partnership

    We partner with our customers every step of the way to build trusted, long-term relationships and ensure their unique needs are always met.

85% reduction in chargebacks

“When we started using Sift, Harry’s chargeback rate decreased by about 85%, which is great because it helps us continue to be a company that people can trust shopping with.”
Kaity Reagle
Trust and Safety Senior Associate