This page contains the instructions for installing the Sift app for your Shopify store.

Installing the App

  1. Navigate to the Sift listing in the Shopify App Store
  2. Click ‘Add app’
  3. Log in to your Shopify store
  4. Click ‘Install app’
  5. Check your email for a message confirming installation and click ‘Activate billing’
    Note: You won’t be charged until Sift provisions your account. If you don’t have an account, reach out to

Connecting Your Sift Account

When you click ‘Activate billing’ in the confirmation email, you’ll be redirected to the Sift configuration page within Shopify. To complete the activation process, you will need a Sift account. If you haven’t yet been provisioned a Sift account, please reach out to

  1. In a separate window, log in to your Sift account
  2. Go to the API Keys tab of the Developer section and keep this window open
  3. Return to the Sift configuration page in Shopify
  4. Copy the sandbox and production account IDs, REST API keys, and beacon keys from Sift into Shopify, then click ‘Save’

Removing the App

  1. Log in to your Shopify store
  2. Go to the Shopify Apps menu, then click ‘delete’
    Note: Deleting the app in Shopify does not stop terminate your contract with Sift
  3. Reach out to or your account manager to terminate your contract and stop billing

Any questions? We're happy to talk it through.