Protected by Sift

A validation program for websites invested in building trust and protecting their users

What is Protected by Sift?

It’s a program for companies to demonstrate that they take trust and safety seriously. Websites or apps displaying the Protected by Sift badge meet a qualifying threshold of user protection, using the most up-to-date machine learning technology and human oversight.


Which companies can display the Protected by Sift badge?

Any Sift customer that meets the program’s requirements and has been validated by Sift experts as having an active role in building trust online can display the badge.

What are the program requirements?

Companies need to be:

Fully integrated

Companies need to be integrated with product(s) powered by the Sift Digital Trust Platform and have completed an integration review for that product.

Protecting users from fraud

Companies maintain a consistent programmatic response to fraudulent activity and initiate the appropriate action to protect legitimate users.

Training ML models

Companies programmatically respond to risky events and teach their machine learning models.

Improving the experience for trusted users

Companies are identifying and removing operational friction for trusted users.

For more detailed requirements, please email

How businesses can apply for the program

Sift customer?

If you are an existing Sift customer, simply reach out to your Sift account manager or send an email to to learn more.

Not a customer?

Visit our contact sales page to learn more. Please note that this program is only for online businesses using the Sift Digital Trust Platform.

About Sift

Sift is the leading provider of digital trust serving thousands of global websites and apps. Businesses depend on the Sift Digital Trust Platform to determine in real time which users they can trust across digital channels. Our Live Machine Learning, global trust network, and automation technologies fuel business growth and power expansion into new markets while protecting businesses and their customers from all vectors of fraud and abuse.

We take protecting our customers’ data seriously. We maintain a robust information security program, which was designed in accordance with industry best practices, including SOC 2. Learn more about our privacy and security practices.