Account takeover is evolving.
Are you keeping up?

Protecting your users' accounts takes more than usernames and passwords. It takes a layered approach to catch account takeover (ATO) fraud—and a powerful platform that solves today’s challenges and prepares your business for tomorrow.

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Fight the Fraud Economy—before it’s too late

Fraud rings, like the recently uncovered Proxy Phantom, leverage the Fraud Economy and the dark web to purchase millions of stolen username and password combinations, and use bots to test those credentials. According to the Sift global network, ATO attacks against just the fintech sector alone soared 850% last year.

To stop ATO, you need an adaptable account security strategy that is two things—on the cutting edge and comprehensive.

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Explore Proxy Phantom and other fraud rings with the Sift Fraud Intelligence Center.

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Passwordless Protection for Account Security

Passwords and usernames are nearing the end of their usefulness to protect against account takeover (ATO) fraud. The future is passwordless. With the addition of Keyless Passwordless Authentication to the Sift Digital Trust & Safety platform, you can dramatically reduce ATO by:

  • Verifying your users while eliminating the need for passwords
  • Enabling intelligent step-up authentication using biometrics
  • Protecting your users’ privacy with proprietary, military-grade security

And while passwordless authentication is crucial to take a layered approach to fight the Fraud Economy, it takes more to secure your users’ accounts.

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Unlock a frictionless future with passwordless user authentication.

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Layered Security

Your account security needs are unique, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Protecting every step of the user journey requires an intelligent approach that authenticates users, secures accounts, and stops ATO while also future-proofing against the more effective fraud attacks that are emerging every day.

User Authentication

Versatile and robust solutions—for every use case—to verify and authenticate users.

Risk Scoring

Leverage the proprietary Sift Score to dynamically apply friction to only the riskiest sessions.

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The Digital Trust & Safety Platform

Trusted by the leading online businesses across a diverse set of industries, the Sift platform provides comprehensive protection to secure accounts, authenticate users, and fuel growth today while future-proofing against the Fraud Economy and scaling with your business.

  • Passwordless

    Protect your users with privacy-preserving biometrics

  • Account

    Identify and stop ATO attacks at scale with machine learning

  • Content

    Proactively block spam, scams, and other malicious content

  • Payment

    Join the Sift global network and unlock growth without risk

  • Dispute

    Intelligent automation to reduce chargebacks and win disputes

  • Sift

    Easily integrate with Sift using apps and open APIs

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