Unlock the power of
Digital Trust & Safety

In your journey to stop fraud and grow your business, you will face challenges along the way. It takes powerful technology, complete control, and total transparency to level up your Digital Trust & Safety strategy.

Unified Solution

Waiting for developer resources to integrate solutions slows your team down. Stay ahead of fraud with instant access to the data and tools your team needs to maximize revenue without risk. Sift is your single pane of glass, orchestrating everything you need to stop fraud once and for all.

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Comprehensive visibility

Staying ahead of fraud requires constant improvement. Get visibility into your team’s impact so you can optimize your strategy, accept more orders, and fuel explosive growth.

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Actionable feedback

Actionable feedback is crucial to mastering Digital Trust & Safety. Learn from mistakes and duplicate successes with a constant stream of new data from payment service providers and customers.

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Download our Digital Trust & Safety Playbook and explore the street-level tactics, metrics, and technology you need to successfully implement Digital Trust & Safety.

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Take control, take action

Is your team using too many disconnected tools? Jumping between queues, tabs, and spreadsheets costs time, resources, and growth. You need a command center that can integrate solutions quickly, so your team can make accurate decisions and eliminate risk.

Stay connected

Connecting 3rd-party apps and data pathways should be easy. Get up and running faster by choosing a Digital Trust & Safety solution that integrates with popular business tools and apps in minutes instead of months.

Your fraud-fighting hub

Having access to multiple tools to fight fraud isn’t enough. You need a unified console to orchestrate your Digital Trust & Safety efforts—one solution that organizes information from various places into a single source of truth.

Global view

As your business grows, so will its complexity. Expanding into new markets or creating new business units only raises the stakes. Manage and measure every KPI—block rates, workflows, queues, and teams—all in one place.

Control alone won’t lead to success. You need visibility into what’s working today.

Visualize and measure what matters

You can’t improve what you can’t see. Gain visibility into your team’s performance today instead of relying on other departments for insights. In-depth analysis and reporting should be just a few clicks away.

Real-time reporting

To harness the power of Digital Trust & Safety, you need to understand the impact of fraud on your business. Comprehensive, real-time reports—and the ability to drill down into the data—should be at your fingertips.

Robust connectors

Get a seat at the table, break down silos, and share data across the organization with connectors to cloud databases and business intelligence tools.

BIN identification

Fighting fraud is nuanced. Make precise, data-driven decisions with a clear picture of the actions being taken on your site. BIN and payment card information should be available directly within your fraud prevention solution.

Reporting gives you one piece of the puzzle. But getting better at fighting fraud over time requires actionable feedback.

Always stay a step ahead of fraud

Fraud is constantly evolving. The way you fight it should, too. But without external feedback, how do you know you’re moving the needle?

Chargeback data

Are you making the right decisions? Understand your chargeback rate, quickly gather compelling evidence, and win more disputes with a suite of chargeback tools available right where your team works every day.

False positives

What’s your false-positive rate? Most businesses know they are turning away good customers but don’t know how prevalent the issue really is. Understand how often you insult legitimate customers so you can increase order acceptance, stop true fraud, and boost revenue.

Ready for a detailed guide on how to overcome these challenges and others you will face?