Enhanced Protection

Stop card testing with enhanced detection

Sift has added counting functionality for transaction declines and enhanced recognition of patterns and anomalies within BIN numbers and IP Addresses. Analysts can also find active IPs and/or BINs within Explore, elevating risk appropriately without creating false positives.

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Powerful Context

Leave better, actionable information on closed cases

Upgraded case management now allows commenting, improving communication between agents, increasing transparency, and creating accountability around why decisions are made for managers and customer support representatives.

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Simplified Management

Quickly configure Verification directly from your console

Configuring Verification emails is now incredibly simple and can be managed directly from the Sift Console with real-time testing.

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Robust Information

Easily ingest chargeback data directly from Stripe

Integrate Stripe directly into Sift with minimal code required for chargeback data ingestion. This valuable data helps improve score accuracy and offers insights into an additional vector of your fraud operation.

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