Accurate manual review

Console, meet Whitepages Pro

Query Whitepages Pro with a single click – no copying and pasting needed. See a snapshot of top identity indicators and dive deeper for even more investigation.

What you need, front and center

Make fast, informed decisions with a new case summary view that intelligently surfaces the signals that matter most for your investigation.*

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Flexible automation

Scale your defense with Workflow Lists

Build lists of email addresses, IPs, and other criteria and apply them across multiple Workflows to whitelist and blacklist efficiently.*

Block Bad Content, bad Content, and bad content

Improve your protection from content abuse with complex matching criteria. Now you can write flexible rules directly in Workflows, including case sensitive content and wildcards.

Scoring that’s faster than fast

Automatic decisions are now 40% faster on average.

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Increased visibility

Drill down into your data

Zoom in with drilldown reports in Sift Insights that enable you to go deeper into the data surrounding specific cases.*

Keep your finger on the pulse of your integration

Understand the effectiveness and completeness of your integrations with Sift. Integration Health Scores give you the information you need to tune your integration and ensure the best results.

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Simplicity for admins and developers

Connect with C#

Integrate C# environments and applications with Sift seamlessly using our new C# Library.

Onboard securely with SSO

Provision analyst access quickly and connect fraud teams securely with new Okta single sign-on integration.*

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