Efficient analysis

Identify and eliminate fraud rings

Sift’s enhanced Network view boosts fraud-fighting productivity, allowing analysts to quickly surface and address fraud rings by focusing on attributes that commonly come up in the review process.

Increase dispute win rates with machine learning (coming soon)

Understanding dispute success probability is incredibly important for chargeback management. By adding machine learning to this critical workflow, Sift customers gain access to a valuable tool for forecasting success rates.

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Actionable workflows

Specify your fraud-fighting operation with custom fields

New custom field support for Account Defense users provides effective customization, allowing different actions to be triggered based on customer-provided inputs, which are usable at any point during a session from login to checkout.

Ensure proper data ingestion with 8-digit BIN support

Sift customers can rest assured that no data related to the card issuer, geography, or other payment or transaction details are lost or misinterpreted due to an incomplete BIN.

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Powerful connections

Access real-time chargeback data with Checkout

The Checkout payments connector enables real-time chargeback data access through a simple API, surfacing dispute details with improved modeling for unparalleled accuracy.

Automate dispute response creation with PayPal (coming soon)

Sift’s new PayPal connector allows automated chargeback data ingestion and response creation to streamline and enhance the dispute management process.

Collaborate seamlessly between departments with Zendesk

Access Sift data for customer service inquiries directly from Zendesk to increase collaboration, and help agents resolve tickets faster with the new Zendesk connector.

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