Powerful Connections

Automate chargeback representment with new connectors

Seamlessly submit and contest chargebacks with leading representment vendors directly from the Sift Console.

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Intelligent Workflows

Safeguard future workflows with data-driven knowledge

Forecast the efficacy of new workflows by applying them to historical data, ensuring accuracy, and improving confidence in automation with Workflows Replay.

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Flexible Data

Extract Sift data to leading databases

Data is at the heart of any leading trust and safety organization. Our new connectors make it simpler than ever to automatically extract data to leading database providers—all from the Sift Console.

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Trustworthy Logins

Build better customer relationships simply and effectively with automatic security notifications

Maintaining trust is as difficult as building trust. Verify credentials and protect users from ATO without blocking trustworthy logins by configuring and triggering security notifications directly from the Sift Console—no engineers required.

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