Improved customer experience

Ensure great customer experiences with Insult Monitor

For the first time, your customer insult rate is now an easily measurable and actionable metric. Insult Monitor allows customers to accept more orders while continuing to block risky events.

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More connected fraud fighting

Integrate your apps with Sift Connect

Sift Connect provides low-code and one-click integrations into the solutions you use every day, creating powerful workflow and data ingestion between solutions.

Create custom integrations with open APIs

For companies with complex ecosystems and homegrown applications, access Sift’s open API library from Sift Connect and quickly create the integrations you need.

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Enhanced scoring

Apply friction as needed with continuous score calling

Continuous Score Calling lets you apply friction to risky sessions, and ensure that only trusted transactions are allowed to pass with the application of multi-factor authentication (MFA), when appropriate.

Catch more fraudsters with improved anonymizer IP detection

Sift has nearly doubled the number of Anonymizer IPs which can be detected, with daily list updates to ensure all Sift products have fresh, accurate information.

Powerful partnerships

Extend your reach with the Sift Partner Program

With the Sift Partner Program, customers of both Sift and Sift’s partners can transact simply and quickly with other best-in-class companies from different disciplines, and easily integrate them with applicable connectors inside Sift Connect.

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