Powerful connections

Streamline efforts between fraud operations and customer service

Foster efficiency and clarity between fraud and customer service teams with the new Zendesk Connector, available in the Sift Connect app gallery. This connector provides easy access to helpful context that distributed teams would otherwise be without.

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Intelligent workflows

Validate changes prior to publishing

Workflows Replay brings detailed metrics directly into Sift’s automation interface, making it easier to identify underperforming routes, tuning route order by volume, or uncovering trends with decision types.

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Advanced countermeasures*

Validate logins with pinpoint accuracy using delayed security notifications

When fraudsters gain access to a victim’s inbox, validating logins becomes even more challenging—sending a confirmation email too soon can give bad actors a chance to cover their tracks. Sift Notifications will include a new delayed-send option that allows fraud fighters to hold off on sending trust and safety communications to users, improving the likelihood that any response will come from the valid email account owner.

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Fintech-focused integrations*

Trigger KYC directly from Sift

Leverage Jumio and Onfido connectors in Sift Connect to initiate KYC and ID verification experiences for users, and send the data back to Sift automatically for additional model training.

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