Powerful Connections

Access connectors directly from the new Sift Connect App Gallery

Access Sift’s library of connectors directly from the new Sift Connect App Gallery, available within the Sift Console.

Integrate simply and quickly with your payment processor

Integration into Sift is simpler than ever with new connectors into payment processors that automate chargeback ingestion for greater accuracy and insights.

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Dynamic Insights

Dig deeper into the data to paint the whole picture

New reporting filters and drill-downs allow you to dig deep into case-level data and make more accurate and effective decisions powered by intelligence.

Automatically extract insights and data directly from Sift

Extract Sift’s data straight into your current databases for direct integration and inclusion into your homegrown or third-party data visualization tools.

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Thoughtful Detection

Quickly identify spam and scams using similar terminology

Spam and scams are easier to detect and evaluate with Text Clustering, allowing you to evaluate content which uses similar text or terminology, and apply the learnings to make bulk decisions.

Take your workflows to the next level

Increase the impact of your workflows with additional criteria such as custom fields and event data.

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Intuitive Management

Bookings information for travel and ticketing companies makes case management simple

New Console features give travel and ticketing merchants booking information on each order.

Stay in the loop on orders and user objects

Automatically extract data to report on specific orders and objects, and ensure that you always stay in the know.

New global console simplifies large deployments

Toggle between locations and geographies from within the Sift Console while still seeing the whole picture directly from Insights.

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